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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Duration: One hour


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  • 16:00 UTC
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  • 21:30 Asia/Calcutta

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Chat topic "Knowledge Management for Non Profits"

During this chat we will dig deeper into knowledge management for non profit organizations! 

Most non profit organizations  have taken steps in adopting some sort of knowledge management strategy, although approaches have varied quite widely, as has the terminology used, and the levels of investment made.

The promise and potential of these initiatives has often yet to be fully realised. But clearly, the knowledge and learning approach can and does provide useful tools and approaches, which, if properly, consistently and thoughtfully applied, can help address some of the symptoms of the institutional malaise faced by modern non profit organisations.

What has tended to happen is that non profit organisations have generally leaned towards linear and technocentric interpretations of knowledge management, in line with the descriptive early traditions of KM and organisational development or ‘institution building’.

Is this still true?

During this chat we will talk about experiences, approaches and best practices for knowledge management in non profit organizations.


Discussion Questions

  1. Are you working or did you work on knowledge mangement (or related fields) for a non profit organization?
  2. What (in your opinion or experience) are the differences between knowledge management in profit and not for profit organizations? Or are they similar?
  3. Do you know examples of succesful knowledge management strategies, tools, stories and/or practices in non profit organizations? Can you share?
  4. What are key lessons you have learned in your work in knowledge management for a non profit?(If you didn't work for a non profit: What lessons you have learned do you think are speficically useful in a non profit context)
  5. How can non profit organizations effectively share knowledge between one another? Do you have experiences, examples that worked?
  6. Do you have other tips for those that work on knowledge management in non profit organizations?


We hope to see you there!

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Comment by Johan Lammers on September 2, 2011 at 4:48pm
Thanks for noticing. I have changed this.
Comment by Carmen da Silva Wells on August 27, 2011 at 8:58pm
In the title it mentions Tuesday September 9th

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