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Altamas Pasha

Knowledge Management Unit contributes to open and efficient sharing and use of critical pieces of knowledge that enable BRAC Research and Evaluation Division (RED) to increase its effectiveness in fighting poverty and social injustice.  The unit provides support to research innovation and analytical learning, improving practice, maintaining relevance, analytical basis for new approaches and initiate evidence-based dialogue. The unit contributes significantly to improving the quality of research by providing editorial support to RED researchers. Apart from editing research reports, the unit compiles and edits the quarterly RED newsletter. The unit edits research abstracts and presentation slides before and proposal or finding presentations. The unit maintains the RED web portal ( and uploads all edited research reports, newsletters and Bangla periodical including photos of RED events. Knowledge Management unit publishes research reports, scientific papers, monographs, working papers, research compendium in Bangla (Nirjash), proceedings, manuals, quarterly RED Update and other publications of RED thus disseminating research findings within and outside BRAC. The unit conducts a host of activities such as proofread of reports and other publications, design, distribution and mailing of RED publication, summary translation for Nirjash, archiving research publications (Bound volume), formatting of research reports and web posting, provide support in organise events, dissemination of research findings and updating RED Bulletin Boards at all BLCs, updating and posting of publications, resource centre management (library), enumerator ID preparation and maintaining, questionnaire formatting and tracing for printers, scanning of documents for archiving and document scanning support. Computer troubleshooting within RED is also regularly provided by the unit besides the ICT department.

 RED manages its research knowledge or research findings both in hard and in soft copy. 

1. We keep questionnaires of each and every researches, 

2. Keep slides of all proposal & findings presentations, 

3. Audio or video records of research seminar proceedings,

 4. Research findings, books, Journal articles, Popular articles News and Events dissemination through RED web portal. 

5. Research work dissemination with all the BLCs, 

6. Sharing knowledge with organizational, collective level, individual; and personal level, 

7. To avoid unnecessary conflict of interest we consider the perspective of an individual employee, 

8. To enable effective knowledge transfer via face to face communication, meeting or through our newsletter RED Update or brochures.

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