List of best KM books (from KM4Dev conversation, December 2011)

The original list was brainstormed on the KM4Dev mailing list and compiled (now fully available) on Gauri Salokhe's blog:

(From Gauri's blog)

Recently, @jschunter asked a question on the KM4Dev mailing list on recommendations for KM related books to read during holidays. In the true spirit of knowledge sharing, he received a series of recommendations. I put together a summary of the recommendations for my own benefit but have decided to share it via the blog for others who are not on the list but are interested in KM/Leadership/Change Management. Enjoy!

Recommendations in no specific order:

Thank you Gauri!


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Comment by Denise Beaulieu on March 13, 2012 at 2:59pm

 This is very helpful.Thanks!

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