Most likely, the future of Knowledge Management will be Bio-Nature approach

WE ARE KM-REGULATED BY NATURE vice-versa BY NATURE WE ARE KM MODEL” - is our basic postulate regarding the future of KM


We developed Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM) model framework, comprising three boundaries of KM regarding their interface with the environment. They are, KM Tools (Techno-based boundary), KM Process Framework (Human Mind-based boundary), and  KM Standard Culture & Value (Organizational Learning-based boundary) respectively


Evidence of our judgement showed that KM TOOLS ( Techno tools including Social Media) which is only weighted score 1.0 as value of their “Knowledge with Lower Consciousness (KLC)”, symbolizing human senses or peripheral nerve system as human primary knowing tools to develop “CORPORATE SENSES” , could be leveled up as KM PROCESS FRAMEWORK, be like as Human Tacit Mind or Individual Learning Process behaving as “CORPORATE MIND BRAIN”, with weighted score 3.0  for their value of “Knowledge with Medium Consciousness (KMC)”, symbolizing human central nerve system or mind brain only after KM Tools classified as Web 3.0 and/or Semantic Web including Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as other advanced smart hi-tech and/or smart Decision Support System to act as human mind brain substitution


But, within context of organizational culture and value  with higher complexity environment that needs involvement of “Knowledge with Higher Consciousness (KHC)” and symbolizing our consciousness genomic DNA as “CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS DNA” representing as KM STANDARDS (Culture and Value) covering Codified / Explicit Knowledge, Human Social Behavior, Organizational Culture (Learning Organization) with weighted score 5.0,  is not possible until recently to be substituted with techno tools whatsoever!


To learn our Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM) model framework, visit “KM 2.0 Basic Visual Map” -   and  Human System Biology-based KM (HSBKM©) model-based Community of Practice (CoP)  -  and also our Knowledge-base  , )


Md Santo – Founder SNS

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