Some of what ILRI does in/with knowledge management and communication

In relation with the focused discussion that recently looked at the kind of knowledge sharing activities that take place in our organisations (initiated by Gauri and Nancy on the Dgroup list), hereby a list of posts that relate to what ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute) does in this field. 

All these posts are on our 'Maarifa' blog - a blog which specifically focuses on communication and KM work at and around ILRI. Not all posts mention ILRI work, they also relate to presentations given at ILRI (e.g. by Digital Green on community video). The posts in bold are those that relate more to some of the work we do in the field of comms/KM.

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These posts are listed in chronological order, from the most recent to the oldest post.

  1. Getting the right content for ICTs in India
  2. Goats and Trees: 10 weeks as a KMIS intern at ILRI, Addis Ababa
  3. Communication the focus of Volta Basin workshop – when the Nile vis...
  4. Facilitating mechanization entrepreneurship? Yes, we can!
  5. Knowledge management and information services at ILRI – What we did...
  6. ICTs, mobile phones and Ethiopian agriculture
  7. ICTs as enablers of agricultural innovation systems
  8. Devising and sustaining agri-water research communication efforts o...
  9. ILRI toolbar: How to simplify your browsing experience
  10. More teamwork and integrated communication for ILRI: Partnerships a...
  11. ILRI 2011 web services usage update
  12. From mahider to CGSpace: Moving our research outputs to open reposi...
  13. ILRI partnerships and communications – making knowledge travel
  14. ILRI KMIS facilitates and documents climate-smart crop breeding wor...
  15. ILRI ‘communications’ powers the Livestock Exchange event
  16. ILRI ‘communications’ at the 3rd International Forum for Water and ...
  17. ILRI’s KMIS reports on AgProAfrica Conference
  18. Ewen Le Borgne joins ILRI as Knowledge Sharing and Communication Sp...
  19. Continuous communications learning opportunities for ILRI campus staff
  20. CGIAR exhibits at Climate Change and Development for Africa conference
  21. Agknowledge Africa share fair – the survey results
  22. Publishing and sharing ‘open’ journal articles in ILRI
  23. Web 2.0 learning opportunity in Ethiopia ‘empowering’ for participants
  24. Knowledge is like rainwater … supporting the NBDC with knowledge an...
  25. ILRI shares social media skills and tools with partners
  26. Following ILRI news and research outputs as a ‘daily paper’
  27. Livestock and climate change news aggregator
  28. External review of ILRI communications
  29. Fifteen communication tools for ILRI staff
  30. ILRI research travelling further than ever
  31. ILRI extends bandwidth and use of ICTs
  32. ILRI communications getting social
  33. ILRI adopts Creative Commons license for its research outputs
  34. Liya Dejene joins ILRI Knowledge Management team
  35. Dspace training in Nairobi
  36. ILRI pool of freelance editors, translators, and communication experts
  37. Reporting on the 5th All Africa conference on animal agriculture
  38. ArcGIS Software Ugrade & Licensing
  39. Online access to Africa Science News for ILRI staff
  40. ILRI access to BioOne database
  41. Sharing Africa’s agricultural and rural development knowledge
  42. Check out the new ICT portal
  43. Yammer for You?
  44. Nadia Manning-Thomas joins ILRI
  45. Using SurveyMonkey at ILRI
  46. ILRI Blogs – Keeping up with your colleagues
  47. Livestock Fish consultation resources
  48. ILRI organizes ICTs in Agriculture exhibition at UNECA
  49. ILRI 2.0: Update on ILRI web communications
  50. Peter Ballantyne on board and leading the Knowledge Management and ...
  51. ILRI InfoCentre participates in the First International Conference ...

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Comment by Ewen Le Borgne on May 28, 2012 at 7:26am

Hello Sheila,

Sorry I was on leave last week. Anyway, thanks for your interest. All the above links are open access so you can just browse through them. No need to join ILRI for that ;)

If you let me know what are the main questions you have re: your KM strategy perhaps I can assist further. It's a bit broad a question for now. Happy to help further based on your additional information.



Comment by Sheila Mbiru on May 22, 2012 at 12:03pm

Dear Ewen,

Thanks for the posts on what ILRI does with Knowledge Management and Communication. I am new in the area of KM and have been requested by my organization Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) to lead a team to develop and implement a Knowledge Management Strategy for KEFRI.

First I would like to have access to any of the articles you have posted above. is it possible? Can i get onto to Maarifa blob or do I have to be staff of ILRI?

Do you have any useful articles or links that will help. Your assistance will be much appreciated

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