Agenda Knowledge for Development

The Agenda Knowledge for Development is an initiative of a number of people in and outside of KM4Dev that wish to put knowledge and knowledge management more central in the process of achieving the SDGs (Sustainability Development Goals).

The Agenda and its related set of proposed Knowledge Development Goals (KDG) will be central during the scheduled Knowledge for Development Global Partnership Conference 3-4 April 2017 in Geneva.

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  • Andreas Brandner

    Dear Wendy,

    initiating a K4D Partnership in the Carribean is great and needed. Do you know some People with whom you could do this together? Being a team will help you to be successful. We are currently creating a process recommendation to set up a Knowledge Partnership, we´ll inform you when it is ready. In the meantime let´s talk on skype.

  • Wendy U. Sealy

    Dear Andres Many thanks for your response, which I am now viewing late. I do apologize. 

    Further to my initial request, I realize that Su h an initiative cannot be undertaken by an individual dependent Consultant,  so I am asking my former employer the Caribbean Development Bank headquartered in  Barbados to follow thru with this. But I certainly wish to remain part of the process.  I am a loss going to contact UNDP here in Port of Spain to be part of whatever sensitivity needs to be undertaken here in the Caribbean. This long OVERDUE. Cheers and let's keep the dialogue  going.

  • SENAME Atsu

    Bonjour à tous depuis le Togo en Afrique Francophone