• KM4Dev Ning Platform

    9 members

    Here we can share our experiences, comments, suggestions with regard to this KM4Dev Ning platform.

  • KM4Dev 20 years celebrations

    13 members

    This creative group organizes the 20th year of KM4Dev's existence. All of us start organizing now and will celebrate throughout 2020. Your suggestions, co-organizing and more are most welcome! Share on social media that we celebrate this year, use #KM4Dev20years

  • KM4Dev Core Group

    7 members

    Members of the core group

  • KM4Dev Austria

    7 members

    A group for KM topics for people and organisations based in Austria.

  • Agenda Knowledge for Development

    31 members

    The Agenda Knowledge for Development is an initiative of a number of people in and outside of KM4Dev that wish to put knowledge and knowledge management more central in the process of achieving the SDGs (Sustainability Development Goals). The Agenda and its related set of proposed Knowledge Develop…

  • Experience Capitalization

    3 members

    Experience Capitalization for Continuous Learning, a community of practice (CoP).  This group welcomes beginners and experienced facilitators and users of this and related learning and sharing methodologies. Experience capitalization is a methodological process through which an experience is iden…

  • KM4Dev 2016 Vienna Event

    4 members

    KM-Austria is organizing a major event on Knowledge For Development from 12-14 October and has invited the KM4Dev community to: get involved and participate to receive an award to organize a bck2bck KM4Dev gathering on 15th October Join in! Both in organizing our involvement as well as participat…

  • KM4Dev South Africa

    8 members

    The purpose of this group is to have open discussions about KM within the context of South Africa

  • KM4Dev Scholars

    24 members

    Km4dev scholars is a group for people interested in sharing, feeding back and fostering scholar activities: theoretical or conceptual discussions, peer review of papers, organisation of academic spaces.    

  • Collaborative Research

    15 members

    This group is intended as a discussion space for collaborative research projects where people in different contexts work together to address issues they are interested in. Potential topics have been gathered here: http://www.allourideas.org/grunewaldtopics/results

  • Disability Inclusive Development

    7 members

    This group is for those interested in the link between disability inclusive development and KM4Dev.

  • KM4DEV Zimbabwe

    4 members

    Group is about and for interested results practitioners from Zimbabwe, interested in advancing knowledge as an indispensable development tool. This will be achieved through knowledge and experience sharing,   innovation and idea creation towards implementation of SDGs.  

  • Online Peer Assist Experiments

    22 members

    We are experimenting with doing online Peer Assists for KM4Dev in this group. We will run a couple of experiments, then debrief our learnings. We decided to use the NING group and then report out on the full KM4Dev list. Everyone is welcome to join!

  • Process Documentation method

    13 members

    Process documentation can promote learning and action through joint reflection and analysis. This group is linked to a similar group on the MyWASH.org social network. Persons interested to dig deeper are encouraged to consider also joining a Googlegroup on Process Documentation

  • KM4 Sustainable development

    24 members

    This group will focus on the role of the KM for the Sustainable development and green technology use

  • KM4Dev Addis Ababa & Ethiopia

    57 members

    All development (& research) knowledge and communication specialists in Addis Ababa and more widely in Ethiopia See a presentation explaining what this group stands for and has done so far. See our Facebook group.

  • Knowledge Management Nigeria

    21 members

    This group has been created to provide a platform for people interested in Nigeria to learn, share information, experiences, lessons and best practices. Although our focus is development, we are equally interested in other areas linked to strengthening/reforming systems to improve services provided…

  • KM4Dev Nairobi

    28 members

    KM4Dev people based in Nairobi

  • KM4DEV_India

    28 members

    The group is created to connect KM4DEV interested people within India. 

  • Pakistan

    9 members

    Intellectual Capital Management and Knowledge Management Development for Pakistan