KM4Dev 20 years celebrations

This creative group organizes the 20th year of KM4Dev's existence. All of us start organizing now and will celebrate throughout 2020.

Your suggestions, co-organizing and more are most welcome!

Share on social media that we celebrate this year, use #KM4Dev20years

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  • Facilitator KM4Dev

    Feel free to share any crazy idea, call for help or otherwise around our 2020 celebrations!

  • Peter J. Bury

    Hi Steve,

    Yesterday I wrote a message about the Washington meeting which hasn't been posted yet, I would love to work with you on this! 

    Best, Lucie

    On Tue, 19 Nov 2019 at 21:17, Steve Glovinsky a href="">> wrote:

    Hello Sarah,


    It’s been 20 years!  I wouldn’t have any ideas yet about proposed events, but I’d be happy to write something about the creation of KM4Dev, which I had something to do with, going back to a Washington meeting of Bellanet and discussing the idea with Steve Song and Lucy Lamoureux.  I never throw anything out (work papers that is), so I’m pretty sure I could dig up my notes to tell the story.


  • Facilitator KM4Dev

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