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KM4Dev people based in Nairobi
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  • Ewen Le Borgne

    Hello all!
    Is this group still active?
    I'm planning to come over to Nairobi next week and was wondering if anyone from this group might be interested in meeting up.
    Also: There is potentially a very interesting event for some of you on Thursday afternoon at the campus of the World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF) 2-5pm on engaging policy-makers.
    Regardless of either result, I'm curious as to how 'active' this network is and if it is would love to hook up :)

    Ewen (facilitating the Addis Ababa KM4Dev network)

  • Ogutu J.

    Hi guys! Am glad there is a platform for knowledge managers to meet and talk about there profession. Am a finalist student taking Knowledge Management. Hope to learn more and network here :)

  • Emily Gosselin

    Hello all, 

    Is this group still active? I'd love to participate in some KM4Dev meet-ups in Nairobi!