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  • Ewen Le Borgne

    I'm sharing this call for contributions which might be useful for all of you: 

    Dear all,


    The European Commission, under its ''Supporting the Horn of Africa’s Resilience (EC/SHARE) program'' is providing support to the FAO project “Strengthening Institutionalized Subnational Coordination Structures and Harmonization Mechanisms”. EC/SHARE aims to enhance drought resilience and improve food and nutrition security of vulnerable populations in the identified EU Clusters located in southern and eastern Ethiopia through a set of complementary interventions. The EC/SHARE program strategically links development interventions to short-term humanitarian action, in line with relief, rehabilitation and development and resilience (LRRD) principles. The EC SHARE program seeks to enhance harmonization of resilience building interventions, and is planning to hold experience sharing forums named ‘Coordination and Experience sharing forum in the area of food security - resilience building programs in Ethiopia’ both at Federal level and in six regional states (Tigray, Afar, Amhara, Somali, Oromia and SNNPR) where the project is operational.


    The objectives of these experience sharing forum: to increase the effectiveness of the overall development process, through a) enhancing subnational/regional coordination structures and harmonization mechanisms and b) Improving actions on resilience building and strengthening the link between relief, rehabilitation and development, c) strengthening the capacity for internalization and institutionalization of lessons/knowledge, d) strengthening the mainstreaming of gender in the coordination mechanisms.


    The objective c) relates to knowledge management and its possible contribution to improve coordination of all initiatives aiming at increasing the effectiveness of Ethiopian initiatives that work on increasing resilience.


    During the national forum, which will take place on 7-8 December 2016 in Addis Ababa, a whole parallel session will be dedicated to knowledge management. Among others, a ‘knowledge management marketplace’ will be organised to showcase KM strategies, lessons learnt, good practices, tools and toolkits etc. We are inviting you to submit contributions for that ‘marketplace’.


    We would particularly welcome contributions that: come from organisations taking part to coordination spaces; have demonstrated some impact; link relief, rehabilitation and development; are gender-sensitive; have demonstrated potential for institutionalization or scaling up etc.


    The best contributions will be featured at the knowledge management marketplace of the national experience sharing forum on 7 December.


    Please share a brief description (around 300 words) of your contribution, mentioning also the medium you will be using (e.g. poster, flipchart sheet, pictures etc. – no projected presentations please – but videos are welcome, provided you bring the adequate display material) and send your contribution’s description by 18 November as a Word document or PDF document to:


    Thanking you in anticipation and looking forward to receiving interesting contributions to make this forum a success.



  • Ewen Le Borgne

    And in line with my previous message, we are also interested in people who might come to help us document the meeting from a KM perspective. That would give them an entrance to the event and in exchange they would help us capture key conversation insights and help us reflect on where KM is and could be in the initiatives mentioned and whichever other initiatives that might emerge at that national forum.

    Anyone interested? Contact me at: e.leborgne[at]



  • Fitsum Tesfaye Habtemariam

    May 18-28, 2020 Virtual Midwest KM Symposium:

    Greetings :)

    I'm forwarding you a registration link if interested to attend (for free) the May 18-28, 2020 Virtual Midwest KM Symposium:

    Very best,