Process Documentation method

Process documentation can promote learning and action through joint reflection and analysis.

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  • Jim Tarrant

    I head up a 5-year project working with USAID Washington to support integration between the biodiversity conservation sector and other key development sectors (climate change, food security, health, economic growth and democracy & governance). The objective is to help the Agency learn how to design, implement and monitor more sustainable and cost effective integration projects. Central to achieving that objective is to have a robust learning component woven through the project, which, in turn, requires good process documentation (and documentation in the broad sense, i.e. not limited to printed documents but various media and forms of interaction). I will periodically post about our project's efforts and how these are working for feedback or just sharing. Currently, we will be using after-action reviews (AARs), outcome harvesting, evidence summits and other knowledge sharing events.

  • Peter J. Bury

    Hi all, I'd like to point you to the 'sister' group of this group, namely the Experience Capitalization group. That group is likely to become more active now that CTA has embarked on a 2016-2018 Capitalization of Experience for Greater Impact in Rural Development project, funded by IFAD.

    See you there?