Collaborative Research

This group is intended as a discussion space for collaborative research projects where people in different contexts work together to address issues they are interested in.

Potential topics have been gathered here:

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  • Nancy White

    Hi Philipp

    I think it is a tough boundary because in some ways it asks people to turn a bit away from their main focus, and people in development seem to be challenged by that -- for lots of reasons. So good intentions don't translate into action. 

    The opportunities for engagement are short, versus long term committed, in my experience. I think we still need to challenge this.

  • Philipp Grunewald

    Hi Nancy,

    agreed. How can a space create little enough workload, short term rewards and yet be set up in the spirit of long term learning and development?

    Where to put the lever?


  • Nancy White

    I don't know, but I suspect that discreet projects with timelines help me! :-)_