KM4Dev Scholars

Km4dev scholars is a group for people interested in sharing, feeding back and fostering scholar activities: theoretical or conceptual discussions, peer review of papers, organisation of academic spaces.    

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  • Sebastiao Mendonça Ferreira

    Hi Alejandro, in a few days I will have my first draft ready for distribution. How could be the mechanisms for sharing? Should we agree on some principles and practices beforehand? 


    Sebastiao, that's great! I talked to Sarah and we will be sharing through a private d-group. I'll let you know soon how will be the inscription procedure.

    As for the principles and practices, I could think of one simple rule to respect: The authors will give instructions so as to handle the paper. This, on the assumption that some of them won't care about the paper being quoted as "unpublished", while others prefer the paper not to circulate until submitted or published. What do you think about it? Do you think is enough?


    Hi everybody! Seems that we've been busy for a while. I have something to share, would you like to give it a try before the end of the year?

    Raise your hands and we'll make it work!