Disability Inclusive Development

This group is for those interested in the link between disability inclusive development and KM4Dev.

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  • Epiphane ADJADJI

    Hey Sarah
    How are you doing? I am Epiphane from Benin in West Africa. I am interested by the two aspects of group theme. That disability inclusion and KM as related to development. How can you feed me?
  • Epiphane ADJADJI

    Thanks for adding me Sarah!

  • SarahCummings

    Hi Epiphane

    Welcome to the group. We are not madly active as you can see! Perhaps some of the other members of this group would be willing to share what they are up to. In the meantime, please take a look at the September 2013 issue of the KM4D Journal which has 2 papers - actually 3 if you include the short paper by Ruth Peters who is also a member of this group - on KM and disability inclusions. This is the link: 


    Kind regards