Announcement: Competition for the 'best' articles in KM4D Journal in 2014

Now that the 2014 issue of the journal is online, the editorial team  has been considering how to focus attention on the 3 editorials, 18  papers, 7 case studies, 2 stories and one Community Note published
last year, and we decided to run a competition for the 'best'  contributions.

We would like to ask for votes in three categories:

- which contribution gave you the most food for thought?
- which contribution were you able to apply to your own practice?
- which contribution did you think was stimulating/unexpected/showing
'out of the box' thinking?

For each of the three categories, each member of KM4Dev can vote for  one contribution - so you can vote for three different articles - but  please write a short explanation of why you have done this and provide  the link to the article in question. Voting will be open until 23 May  2015.

I guess it goes without saying that you shouldn't vote for your own paper but we would like to ask Guest Editors/Editors to vote - because  this role gives you opportunity to become familiar with many different  articles and some of them - well, this is my own experience but  perhaps I need to get a life :-) - haunt and stimulate you for many  years afterwards! Kindly note that some of the contributions are in  Spanish, Portuguese and French so we would like to invite Spanish,  Portuguese and French speakers to vote for them.

The issues comprise:

1) May 2014: The Spanish and Portuguese one, largely focused on Latin

2) September 2014: KM4D in Africa:

3) December 2014: the non-thematic issue:

You can either post your vote here or send it to KM4Dev list.

We will provide an overview and a verdict by 1 June. Every mention
will count as a vote!

The Editorial Team, KM4D Journal

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