Consultant– knowledge & information management, building a knowledge management platform on disaster risk reduction - africa

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the technical developer on the design, the structure and the functionalities of the platform;
  • Collect relevant information and knowledge by sector/country/themes/hazards for population of the platform;
  • Map existing resources and promote a network of partnerships for knowledge sharing including governments;
  • Regional Economic Commissions, NGOs,  multilateral agencies, universities, civil society and the private sector;
  • Identify and disseminate lessons learned and best practices on DRR in the region and sub-regions;
  • Build comprehensive database of appropriate experts/contacts and consultants to respond to network demands;
  • Maintain and adapt the platform based on the usability test’s analysis;
  • Build linkages of the platform with the websites of the Regional Economic Commissions.
Facilitating the platform
  • Moderate the content sharing on DRR on a day to day basis;
  • Ensure quality content on the platform;
  • Internal and external advocacy and communications;
  • Actively update platform with information/studies/reports/best practices from various stakeholders involved in DRR;
  • Respond to network queries;
  • Monitor the platform’s use, and measure its impact;
  • Provide support for community collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking;
  • Build relations with external professionals and institutions;
  • Actively seek to expand the practitioner's base for the Knowledge Management platform by evolving strategies and implementation;
  • Contribute to the building of a knowledge sharing culture to 'institutionalize' KM practices to facilitate the creation, sharing and utilization of knowledge among the DRR partners.
Expected deliverables
The expected deliverables of the consultant are:

A web-based platform with centralized strategic knowledge and information concerning DRR in West and Central Africa populated with:

  • 300 documents with a focus on sharing of experiences (lessons learned and best practices);
  • 100 of experts contacts, covering all DRR stakeholders in the region;
  • 100 project profiles with main results and lessons learnt captured;
  • A thousand viewers per month with a returnee rate around 30% on the last two months of the consultancy;
  • 15 registered contributors (users sharing documents on the platform).

Enhance level of knowledge and information sharing, capturing and learning in the region:

  • Indicated by  the number of questions and answers shared on the platform, the number of persons who shared documents, the number of person that signed;
  • Provide access to updated strategic information: Indicated by the analyse of a users’ satisfaction survey.

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