COVID-19: Vaccine Education Program & Counter Misinformation, Disinformation & Malinformation launched through Community Radio in Bangladesh

COVID-19: Vaccine Education Program & Counter Misinformation, Disinformation & Malformation awareness campaign launched on Sunday 7th February 2021 through community radio stations in Bangladesh about COVID: 19 vaccination.

The main objective of the campaign to create the right environment for vaccine confidence to thrive, the COVID-19: Vaccine Education & Counter Misinformation Program in Bangladesh.

The vaccine education program particularly diverse communities that have been most harmed and those on the front lines of the pandemic & raises awareness of the need to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the immunization process.

The purpose of the campaign is to identify the misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information about the immunization program and to facilitate the lives and livelihoods of the people by providing scientific information to counter the spread of common misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information. Awareness about the next possible physical problems and ensuring the inclusion of Dalits and disadvantaged groups such as barbers, sweepers, cobblers, blacksmiths, fishermen, transgender people, persons with disabilities, and other marginalized communities at risk in the immunization program.

The campaign is also addressing the COVID-19 infodemic through the development of strategic and well-coordinated national action plans to rapidly counter vaccine misinformation and build demand for vaccination that is informed by social listening. Provide education on, and advocate for, adherence to a gold-standard regulatory review process and addressing a COVID-19 infodemic, and fostering demand for immunization

The initiative will raise awareness around the importance of COVID-19 vaccination for public health, the economy, and the broader society. Promote the impact of vaccination uptake in protecting individuals, families, and communities.

As part of the campaign, community radios are broadcasting various programs to raise awareness about the COVID-19 vaccination program and to counter-propaganda. The programs are News, Radio Spot/Drama, Kathika, Jingle, Voxpop, Public Service Announcement (PSA). The radios are coordinating with members of the locally formed COVID-19 immunization committee consisting of Deputy Commissioner, Upazila Nirbahi Officer, Civil Surgeon, Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer, District/Upazila Parishad Chairman, Interviews of Public Representatives, etc.

Radio programs will provide information on why the vaccine for COVID-19 is important from public health and socio-economic point of view, as well as who will be vaccinated first in the radio broadcasting area, how the vaccine will be available, what to do after vaccination, and at what stage Government instructions regarding him are being disseminated.

Also contact the COVID-19 Vaccine Emergency Response Team-2021 to ensure proper vaccine management to prevent COVID-19, telephone number address, harmful/negative effects of vaccination misinformation and rumors and to counter misinformation, disinformation, and mal-information. Information on the subject is also being disseminated through the programs.

Broadcasting on community radio has already made the general public aware of the government's response to the immunization program, and there has been little awareness and demand for the importance of immunization. It is hoped that if the radio campaign on vaccination programs continues through the provision of science-based information, the fear and dilemma that is now prevailing among the general public about vaccination will soon subside. At the same time, the people will be more aware and trying to identify false information and prevent the spread of common misconceptions, rumors, outright lies, and propaganda. Which will play an effective role in keeping their lives and livelihood normal. Besides, the immunization program will ensure the inclusion of Dalits and disadvantaged people, transgender people, persons with disabilities, and other marginalized communities at risk.

It is to be noted that the vision of BNNRC for media development is knowledge-based relevant sensitivity. To develop community radio as a voiceless voice keeping in view the challenges and opportunities created by the fast-changing media environment of Bangladesh in keeping with the future structure of media, information, and entertainment in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in March last year, BNNRC has been working with all community radio stations in Bangladesh to create and broadcast public awareness radio programs aimed at preventing its transmission and providing livelihood security.

Regular coverage of the coronavirus education program on community radios has gradually eased the panic in rural areas, with listeners asking questions about various information during various live broadcasts through phone calls, text messages, and participation on Facebook Live.

Significant to the issue, the community people are taking the necessary preparation for prevention. Now they are getting information about this. As a result, community radio has established itself as a source of objective information to the rural people of Bangladesh.

Supporting journalistic efforts to fact-check misinformation about the immunization process that specifically seeks to support rural people that are underserved by fact-checking or targeted by misinformation.

Assist to detect, debunk and effectively countenance misinformation about the COVID-19 immunization process to help journalists spot harmful misinformation about the COVID-19 immunization process more efficiently & making fact checks about COVID-19 immunization clearer and more effective at allaying concerns about the vaccine -- especially with rural people that are explicitly targeted by misinformation.





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