Our (Mobee Knowledge) version to guiding toward next generation Knowledge Management decided upon recently published documents within our Social Networking Site (SNS) “MOBEE KNOWLEDGE CoP” – http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com carrying out theme : “Toward Next Generation KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2.0 through Contextual Learning on the issues of Technologies, Market, People and Innovation” as the mission.

The followings are main reference sources at least needed to achieving the understanding on the mission :

• TEN LANDMARKS TOWARD NEXT GENERATION KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT - http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com/forum/topics/ten-landmarks-toward-next

• KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 2.0 BASIC VISUAL MAP - http://www.doxtop.com/fullscreen/flash/content.aspx?pd=8f121d0d

• “KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT EDUCATIONAL GUIDE MAP” : ANOTHER MOBEE KNOWLEDGE PRODUCT - http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com/forum/topics/knowledge-management-1?...


• OUR KNOWLEDGE-BASE ON “(KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT + HUMAN SYSTEM BIOLOGY-BASED + DI – KW MODEL)” AS BACK GROUND REFERENCES - http://www.delicious.com/mobeeknowledge/knowledgemanagement+humansy...

• Learn also by clicking Sub-folders of the folder “Emerging KM” at the Heading part of the Page of Social Networking Site (SNS) http://mobeeknowledge.ning.com :
1. KM Metrics-KM Maps-KMDiagrams - http://bit.ly/bROikS
2. Our noted Knowledge-base - http://bit.ly/bUbQqh and

• Sub-folders of the folder “Future KM” :
1. Shifting Paradigm of Knowledge and Science - http://bit.ly/955POI
2. Toward next Gen KM - http://bit.ly/aqWTPh

Happy learning!

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