Private Companies Marketing strategy to promote the products through Humanitarian workers

Replicating the sanitation marketing strategy by applying The Demand and Supply rule  for the promotion of hygiene kit's specific content!!

Just attended a WASH Cluster at KPK-Peshawar (Pakistan)  . Unilever is trying to promote their products (new Vaseline lotion) with the help of humanitarian sector by donating approximate 70,000 pieces as donation. Although organizations were welcoming but i think ( as i stated during the cluster) being WASH responsible we should first test the product and see how better and for which purpose this product can be utilized , if it passes and accommodates the need of beneficiaries then we should give it a GO AHEAD and shouldn't welcome every product in hygiene kit.After all Hygiene kits is a standardized kit by WASH Sector.

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I agree that a new WASH product ( as anyother product ) should be first given a test before passing further to communities for whom it is intended.  Although an important part of this is a certified professional testing  a pilot trial in communities is also needed to see the product's performance in the field and its practical acceptability  by people. This is exatly the way how we are brining our product (NAQWA drinking water recoverer, to local communities in Indonesia, India, S Korea and some other countries. Yes it takes some extra time but I believe that the field testing puts everubody involved in safe and  responcible position.

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