Redefining Knowledge and Knowledge Management the Upstream Science way

Be cautious this 21st century study is really intense in trans disciplinary approach !

  • (Re) Defining Knowledge  : epistemologically by means of  Anthropic principle (from the Greek, anthropos, human), the philosophical consideration that observations of the physical Universe must be compatible with the conscious life that observes it, there are two broad outline of Knowledge (K), Human Knowledge (HK) and Nature Knowledge(NK). Knowledge itself contrary different with Data (D) and Information (I)is actionable variable matter and dynamic as well as attributed withConsciousness which is given broadened meaning beyond human knowledge in the Universe. Within Knowledge Management (KM) conventional issue, HK represented by Data – Information – Knowledge – Wisdom or DIKWcontinuum. HK is part of NK continuum. We developed Knowledge Value (KV) metrics within Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT) intended as cosmological metrics. Limited within DIKW continuum, Human Knowledge (HK) classified as Tacit and Explicit Knowledge

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