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My Friends (16)


Metro Manila, Philippines

Janina Budi

Brasília, Brazil

Sonia Goulart

Brasilia, Brazil

Monika Roper

Brasília, Brazil


Porto Alegre, Brazil

José Antônio Carlos

Sao Paulo, Brazil

JC Spender

New York, NY, United States

Andre Luiz Sao Lazaro dos Santos

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Urbano Ceruqeira Matos Junior

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Ana Cláudia Freire

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Leonardo J. Melo

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ferdinand Dvorsak

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tania Deodato

Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil

Claudia Viviane Viegas

Porto Alegre, Brazil

John Smith

Portland, OR, United States

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