My Friends (30)

Romolo Tassone

New York, NY, United States

Carl Jackson

East Sussex, United Kingdom

Michael Marus

Montpellier, France

Marc Lepage

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Gabriela Fuerer

Berne, Switzerland

Jaap Pels

Den Haag, Netherlands

Winifredo Dagli

Manila, Philippines

Chahira Nouira

Bonn, Germany

Lilia Efimova

Enschede, Netherlands

Giulio Groppi

Brussels, Belgium

Elisabeth Bastemeijer

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Jorge Gamarra

Washington, DC, United States

Nadejda Loumbeva

Geneva, Switzerland and Rome,…

Antonella Pastore

Rome, Italy

Lisa M Cespedes

Indialantic, FL, United States

Michael Riggs

Rome, Italy

Cristina Sette

Sao Paulo, Brazil


Rome, Geneva, New York, Italy

Stephen Katz

Rome, Italy

Johannes Schunter

Astoria, NY, United States

Roxanna Samii

Rome, Italy

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