Dear “African Community Week” Participants,

Thank you once again for showing your interest. It is now a high time that you start and be well in the buddying process. As you know the main online event is on Thursday, march 28 (1pm-4pm EAT) which makes the three days (Mar. 25-27) extremely important to start and keep rolling the buddying process; have discussions on suggested topics listed on our wiki; and document important insights on the topics.

The first topic, “how to make KM4Dev a more helpful community of practice” is considered as a very important topic and we expect our participants to come up with important insights on it for the main online event. You can make documentation of insights as a “word document” or directly document them on the wiki (All information about the event on; ).

For those participants who didn’t already start the buddying process and who are members of other African KM4Dev networks please start the buddy up with members in KM4Dev Addis Ababa/Ethiopia to make it more interactive with the host network. Please inform me with whom you start the buddy up at;


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