JOB: Management Information Systems Senior Specialist, Geneva, Switzerland, 26 May

Management Information Systems Senior Specialist
Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Last Date: May 26, 2011

The principal objective (output) of the consultancy is to design and operationalize a MIS and attendant SOPs capable to support efficient and impact-driven management of the Global Sanitation Fund.

The consultant will advise the Global Sanitation Fund Manager of the WSSCC-UNOPS and will work in close collaboration with UNOPS. He/she will report at the general working level to the GSF Programme Manager (Grants Management) or a Programme Officer nominated by the Programme Manager.

Scope of work:

  • Review the current GSF work plans and long term plan with scenarios and make recommendations with regard to MIS requirements

  • Consult with the Monitoring and Evaluation Expert and the Expert on Financial Analysis and Management on scope of data requirement and prepare a comprehensive strategy on data needs at various levels of the GSF programme implementation.

  • Conceptualize and formulate the overall MIS system. Consult with UNOPS on data requirements and existing MIS capabilities already built or in progress.

  • Identify systems requirements, design the system, work in close collaboration with UNOPS for available IT software and/or platforms, and draw up specifications for contracting an IT software designer (as may be required) to design and develop the system.

  • As required, liaise with the consultants designing the M&E system and the financial management reporting system to ensure that the MIS accommodates both the M&E and financial reporting systems as well as the full grant management cycle.

  • Assist with procurement and supervision of the software design and systems development and testing in close collaboration with UNOPS

  • Prepare relevant Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) for GSF Country Programme Executing Agencies and their Sub-Grantees as well as those pertaining to other aspects of implementing the MIS design.

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