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#KM4Dev2016 events in Vienna visualized

Come and slideshow thru the recent events in Vienna around Knowledge Cities, Knowledge Republic, Knowledge Development Goals, Knowledge Agenda and the reinvigorated KM4Dev Core Group! Choose slideshow, relax and let yourself immerse...

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KM4Dev in Vienna : information now updated

Information now updated.

Don't hesitate to write to km4dev2016@gmail.com with you questions.

If you like to actively contribute to preparations, programme, presence, facilitation, and more, consider to join the Googlegroup created for this purpose.

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KM4Dev gathering at the KM-A event in Vienna

Hi all

We warmly invite all KM4Dev members to consider becoming active in one way or the other in the preparations and/or actual face2face gathering of our community at the KM Austria events in Vienna taking place from 12-15 October 2016!

Express your interest and participate via this group



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Being on KM4Dev is also fun :-) (2)

Do you have a profile on www.km4dev.org that looks like this?

Would you like to share a more personalized profile picture (yourself, a selfie, an alterego, ... )? 

Go to you 'Me' (see taps above) and update yourself!

Ciao ~…

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about the public KM4dev calendar

The public KM4dev calendar is managed by core group members. Feel free to ask questions or comment this calendar.

Note that the calendar offers various views and other options, including print. Experiment!

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Landscape of Practice

We're having a discussion about the term "landscape of practices" and what it evokes in our own KM4Dev work: http://wiki.km4dev.org/What_does_the_term_%22landscape_of_practices%22_evoke_for_you_in_your_own_KM4Dev_work%3F 

It leads to a session on Friday December 20th:  …


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Thinking about the July 29-31 KM4Dev Seattle Workshop

(Image... float plan coming in for landing on Lake Union, approaching from the South. Our workshop space is just off to the…


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Hi All,

It does not occur regularly fortunately, but sometimes people hook up with the KM4Dev list and the Ning to contact you on non-KM4Dev issues. Some brutal, some commercial and some intrusive.
If it concerns the KM4Dev Ning just let me know at jaap[point]pels[at]gmail[point]com and I will search on the Ning whats going on.
In case of spamming I delete the user and all messages by that user (zero tolerance policy).
Best, Jaap

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Curated news on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Go to: http://www.scoop.it/t/wash to subscribe.

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Invitation to help shape a questionnaire

Go direct to the wiki page: http://wiki.km4dev.org/wiki/index.php/Questionnaire_IT_support_for_KM4Dev to help.…


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Interview with Sophie Alvarez and Simone Staiger on assessing KM

I want to share with you a recent KM Impact Challenge blog post of an interview with Sophie Alvarez and Simone Staiger from CIAT sharing their thoughts on measuring the impact of KM. To read this interview visit: …

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Donate !

We all get a great deal out of our engagement in KM4Dev. Maybe you would be happy to express appreciation through a voluntary contribution. Crowd funding works! 

background and info




note if the donate link above does not work for you, click here on donate! and at the bottom of that page click on the donate logo



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