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km I an old wine in a new bottle?

' this KM a new Fad, old wine in new bottles or is it a real contribution to your management thinking? It seems to me I am getting mixed signals…' 

A question posed by one of the participants following a speech I made in Khartoum a couple of weeks ago.  Read on to see how I replied

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' can be quite lonely at times': postcard from Henley

Putting learning at the heart of the organisation: the theme of the 12th Henley KM forum. I was there running a Sparknow timeline exhibit, here's the blog -

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using postcards to Sudan for a post event evaluation

I attended the inaugural Knowledge Management Capacity Development in Africa event held in Khartoum back in Janury.

As part of the follow up to that event the conference chair and organiser Dr Gada Kadoda decided to use a postcard as a way of capturing some of the delegates perceptions. It showed a picture of some of the delegates on the steps of Freedom Hall Khartoum and an invitation on the reverse to submit comments and reflections.

What follows is her candid account of how…


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can cultural assets stimulate innovation: observations from ECCI XII in Faro

knowledge & innovation: can cultural assets stimulate innovation?

This was an interesting event made more special by a conversation over dinner with Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi the thinker behind many of Sparknow's early direction on flow.

I hope my observations and illustrations of how Pringle…


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pocket guide to story collecting I Helping International Centre for Tropical Agriculture capture stories from missions

Oftentimes we get approached to help with pieces of work/advice that fulfill more than one of Sparknow’s founding principles in this case, work that travels; work that benefits the global community.

This blog pocket guide to story collecting complements one written by Simone Staiger Rivas in which she…


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how to develop strategies that people engage with I two prominent CIO's tell their stories

Using stories and km to develop strategies

see how one CIO has taken the concept of user profiling a stage further by demonstrating how a new joiner might be inducted into the business and the technology needed in support of his vision of the future.

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knowledge tours = knowledge transfer (understanding puffins and olefins)

What have Lundy Puffins and Paulsboro Oil Refinery got to do with knowledge transfer? Interested, read on.

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using cultural assets to stimulate innovation

Latest Sparknow blog blog featuring great examples of knowledge transfer from Barings, Pringle, Reuters and Standard Chartered. Produced in advance of an EU event in Faro at which I will be speaking next month.

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back to life | using cultural assets to stimulate innovation

I a currently preparing for an ECCI event in Faro and a presentation Flexing the Imaginative Muscle:  how London’s businesses are using the capital’s cultural assets to stimulate innovation based on our knowledge transfer work.

We've been publishing a series of blogs on events we ran for Leeds City Museums.  The third and concluding blog will be available this weekend. The others which include our learnings on the role of space…


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