Networks are a very effective way to access research information and knowledge, a fundamental human right that strengthens democracy. Getting access to information also requires technical skills and abilities to use the latest information sharing and collaboration tools. Only then we can create cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural and cross-border networks in which the exchange of research information and knowledge improves.


The Bangladesh Conference aims at helping institutes in Bangladesh and surrounding countries to develop effective research infrastructures by strengthening information skills of a target group of 60 students, researchers, policy-makers and individual practitioners in the field of global development studies and research.Through hands-on exercises the participants will be introduced to tools to present themselves, to find experts, to share knowledge and to work together. To promote sustainability of the event, participants will have time to plan how they will take forward the new lessons learnt.The Bangladesh Conference also aims at establishing a group of local experts who will continue the work of the conference: promoting the latest information sharing and collaboration tools among students, researchers, policy-makers and individual practitioners in global development research and studies.


This continuation is made possible, because the Focuss.Info Initiative ( is sponsoring peers in the Africa, Asia and South America by awarding grants. With these grants, local experts get the possibility to organise their own workshops on the new information sharing and collaboration tools, technologies and concepts.ApplyWe still have a limited amount of tickets! If you can travel on own means to Dhaka and you would like to participate in this 2-days Conference, apply for a ticket through our application form on the left-hand side of the screen.


The final deadline is 24 January 2011ProgramYou can download the complete programme here: Programme Bangladesh ConferenceParticipantsWe are now in the process of selecting participants who applied to the Bangladesh Conference before the 6th of December 2010.

They will be contacted by the organizers of the Bangladesh Conference in the following week(s). More information about ongoing developments can be found on our dedicated Facebook page:

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