Dear all,
First of all, I would like to thank you all very much for responding to the KM4Dev survey we sent around a while back. We received 141 responses, which is about 10% of this community (at least looking at the amount of mailing list members).
With this email I also wanted to update you on the activities regarding Learning and Monitoring (L&M), as we kindly asked for your participation in some groups related to this work. For the record: The IFAD-supported plan of activities for KM4Dev 2012-2013 includes monitoring and evaluation, formulated as 'Learning and Monitoring' (L&M) to emphasise the importance of learning from the activities funded, for the KM4Dev community, IFAD and beyond.
So what's happening?
  • We are currently processing survey results and should come back to you in the next 2 to 3 weeks with some analysis report introducing the results and some recommendations for KM4Dev;
  • We asked if anyone would like to join our advisory 'tiger team' and four people stepped up (Valerie Brown, Melissa Bator, Brenda Bucelli and Peter Bury) - we suggest you simply join our Learning and Monitoring team and will send you a separate email about this;
  • We asked if anyone would like to join our baseline focus group and one person stepped up (Mark Hammersley) - we decided, in our L&M group, to not have a focus group and rather carry out another survey like the one you recently filled in the first quarter of next year;
  • Perhaps we missed some interest among you - then please let us know in the next 2-3 days as we need to move on with this work;
  • From now on, we will basically review the planned work that is carried out under the IFAD-funded programme and will conduct short after-action reviews and analyses of activities with the people that instigated these activities. As and when, we might carry out additional L&M activities but we aim at keeping it simple and manageable for all of us.
  • We will document all our activities in a transparent way on the KM4Dev wiki:
We hope this informs you sufficiently about our plans - you can always come back to us for further information about any issue related to learning and monitoring work.
Bertha, Ewen, Simone, Sophie, Willem (the current L&M group)

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