Knowledge – based Copernican Principle applied to next gen Science

In a nutshell, the Copernican Principle mentioning there is nothing special about human and/or Earth. Regarding “Copernican Principle” applied to Quantum Physics and/or Science in general, IMHO we have at least three actions to avoid “big mistakes” in addressing  the next coming of future science   as follow :

  • We believed, in seeking Theory of Everything (TOE) as the ultimate symbol of Science,  our mistake rooted from the reality that  we did not consider Universe as a psycho – somatic entity or animate being (animate Universe)
  • A scientific theory should developed and based on adoption to paradigm  “The Universe or the Nature Knowledge is the source and center of Consciousness rather than “Mind Brain or Human Being (DIKW-generated) is the source and center of Consciousness”. Therefore, epistemologically Knowledge generated from Nature (Universe) Knowledge instead of DIKW model continuum
  • Knowledge which is Consciousness attributed as our postulate, for the first time clarified as one of the fundamental structure or fabric of Universe beside Matter and Energyas well as having traits to be Independent to SpaceTime (IST) contrary with Matter and Energy which are Dependent to SpaceTime (DST)


Our solution is to develop Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT) which is  defined as  a  theory developed and based on adoption to paradigm of  “The Universe or the Nature Knowledge is the source and center of Consciousness” rather than “Mind Brain or Human Being (DIKW-driven) is the source and center of Consciousness”.  Nature Knowledge Theory (NKT) considering  the Universe as an animate and psycho-somatic being. We believed the development of NKT model framework and its derivatives will facilitate the processes on how we will  be  able to unify general relativity and quantum mechanics toward Theory of Everything (TOE). The basic consideration in using NKT based on simple rational of human living reality, ...” The Universe knows something we don't. And it acts on cosmic scales”.....

To validate NKT model framework as science, we have  provided with “minimal requirements” variables of Science needed such as Inverted Paradigm Method (IPM) as their scientific methodology, Knowledge Value (KV) Measurement as KM Metrics and k-constant applied to E = k mc2 as feedback factor to psycho-somatic Universe environment


Ref to knowing NKT in brief glance, visit   (“2012 is “Jump Time” to make “Great Turning” from DIKW continuum toward Nature Knowledge continuum within Science evolution”)


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