[Save the Dates] Good Morning Stakeholder Forum Invitation | Leap4fnssa Project February 1 @ 9:00 am - February 15 @ 1:00 pm CET

Dear colleagues,

The LEAP4FNSSA Project will host the Good Morning Stakeholder Forum ‘From Model to Practice’ – contributions to the Long-term AU-EU Platform for R&I on food, nutrition security and sustainable agriculture (FNSSA). The overall aim of the event is to bring funding institutions and stakeholders from the West Africa-EU Alliance (WAEA) and the North Africa-EU Alliance (NAEA) together as a Focus Group.

It will be announced and explained that LEAP4FNSSA is presently launching an FNSSA platform. The potential components will be presented during the Forum. Donors will be invited to participate and discuss how joint funding approaches and platform approaches can be combined to facilitate a collaboration on FNSSA. Other stakeholders from science, business and decision makers are also invited to join this platform process and become active members of a joint AU-EU knowledge mechanism and network.

The event will take place virtually in 5 different mornings
- Good Morning 1 | 1 Feb. 2022 | Alliance Building from Model to Practice
- Good Morning 2 | 3 Feb. 2022 | AU-EU Platform Co-Development
- Good Morning 3 | 8 Feb. 2022 | Linking Research & Practice at Programme Level
- Good Morning 4 | 10 Feb. 2022 | Knowledge Management and Communication Framework
- Good Morning 5 | 15 Feb. 2022 | Future AU-EU Funder’s Collaboration (For Funders Only!!!)

Learn more and register here! https://www.leap4fnssa.eu/event/agora_good-morning-stakeholder-foru...

With best regards

On behalf CIHEAM Bari-Italy LEAP4FNSSA team

Dr. Noureddin Driouech ( PhD)
Education/Training and Research
Coodrinator of CIHEAM Bari Alumni Network (FTN)
UniClaD project _Erasmus Plus KA2, CIHEAM Bari Coordinator: http://uniclad.net/

Via Ceglie, 9 - 70010 Valenzano (BA) - Italy
Tel: +39 080 4606203
E-mail: driouech@iamb.it / Website: http://www.iamb.it


From Model to Practice… Co-Development of the Long-term AU-EU Platform for R&I on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA) with the West Africa-EU Alliance | WAEA, the North Africa-EU Alliance | NAEA and an AU-EU Funders Network for FNSSA.

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