Synthesis study of IFAD-funded projects

I've been remiss in connecting with activity on this Ning Site. More to come, but I wanted to post a bit of context, starting with an introduction of me in this role that Pete Cranston posted on the Dgroup list on September 25:


As I am sure you all remember, there have been three pieces of research work carried out as part of the IFAD support to KM4Dev

  • SNA: a Social Network Analysis of the network (and of its Francophone counterpart, SA-GE)
  • CTLab: a technology stewardship-focused initiative
  • L&M: a set of 'Learning & Monitoring' activities to review operations and processes within the network as well as the activities and results of the IFAD-funded KM4Dev activities.

The next step is to bring together the learning from those pieces of work as the foundation for doing some more thinking about a longer-term strategy for KM4Dev.

The Core Group decided to ask some people who've been active in the network and who have relevant experience whether they'd be interested to do a synthesis study. After a short selection process we chose John Smith.

You have probably noticed that John Smith has begun engaging publicly with the network as he develops his ideas and draft report. So this email is to encourage everyone to respond with your contributions and ideas in the next several weeks with the understanding that they will be folded into the work he is doing on our behalf.



Pete Cranston

The main location where I'm gathering materials, interim results and conclusions will be on the Wiki:

I'll post here again.  Stay tuned and please let me know what you think.

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Comment by John Smith on November 19, 2013 at 10:07pm

The final report for this project is described and shared  here: 

Comment by John Smith on October 8, 2013 at 12:02am

Three weeks ago Philipp Grunewald and I got to talking about how researchers could more directly support a community like KM4Dev.  He mentioned that he was interested in offering some of his time to do research on behalf of KM4Dev.  I said I had a tool to help set a modest research agenda for a community. We talked at some length about how to do this in a way that was helpful and not distracting or disruptive.


You can join in by voting (and offering your ideas, and checking out the tool) on the question of “What topic would you like to explore with Philipp on behalf of KM4Dev in the next 7 months?”:


You will help just by spending 2 minutes on our “wiki survey” and help more if you spend more time, of course!  We “seeded” the survey with a dozen possibilities, but expect YOU to offer alternatives or completely new ideas.  I just tried it and found that the tool actually PROVOKES new ideas.  Exactly what “explore with Philipp” means remains to be seen, but Philipp is offering about 2 hours a week over the next 7 months.  Setting a topic is the first step.  Please vote before October 13.  I’m including some details about the survey below my signature.





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