Please help me understand the similarities and differences between tacit and explicit knowledge with examples.

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Comment by Precoius Botsele on September 11, 2017 at 10:43pm

HI...!!!be educated here:

Tacit and explicit are two different types of knowledge. Knowing the differences between these two different types of knowledge is a step in the direction of knowledge management. This is because of the fact that you deal with knowledge gained from a document in a different manner than the knowledge that you gain by practical experience. There are differences between tacit and explicit knowledge

What is the difference between Tacit and Explicit Knowledge?

• Tacit knowledge is carried in mind, and it is difficult to be transferred to others through spoken words or by writing.

• Explicit knowledge is a knowledge that is formal and codified or written to be easily stored and transferred to other people.

• In explicit knowledge, there is a mechanism for transfer while there is no such mechanism in tacit knowledge.

• Ability to swim or to ride a bicycle is an example of tacit knowledge that cannot be taught or transferred through written words or by speaking.

• Documents, journals, procedures etc. are examples of explicit knowledge.

Comment by Simane Leatile on September 11, 2017 at 3:51pm

I hope this would be of understanding tacit and explicit knowledge.....!!!!

Knowledge that is not recognized, articulated, documented or encoded is called tacit knowledge. The most common example is your expertise. Another is a proven work process that has not been documented. Knowledge that is documented in print or audio-visual material or encoded in databases is explicit knowledge. In general, the amount of tacit knowledge in any organization or individual exceeds that of explicit knowledge. What enables a surgeon to do good surgery, namely his skills and accumulated experience of what works best, is much more than can be obtained from mere reading of a book on surgery.

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