The first Francophone issue of the KM4D Journal (2011, Vol. 7, Issue 2) is now online at:

(re-posting Sarah Cummings's great email about this)

Just wanted to let you know that the first Francophone issue of the KM4D Journal (2011, Vol. 7, Issue 2) is now online at:

In particular, we would like to congratulate the Guest Editors for putting the issue together: Joël Muzard, Jean Mège, Jocelyne Kompaoré, and Ewen Le Borgne. The issue is in French with the exception of individual article summaries at the end of the journal which are in both French and English. It is an initiative of Sa-ge (Ce groupe est un espace de discussion, de préparation et de réflection pour les francophones et francophiles de KM4dev. SA-GE utilise également comme outil de communication un Dgroup: Website:

L'évolution de la gestion des connaissances – nouveaux défis pour l...

Joël Muzard 

Aperçu de l'état des lieux de la gestion de l'information et des co... Jocelyne Yennenga Kompaoré

OASIS : une méthodologie d'apprentissage. Une recherche-action au N...
Lisette Caubergs 

La gestion des connaissances pour le développement : le cas du Cent...
Issoufou Seidou Sanda 

Serigne Badji 
\ Sophie Treinen 

Aïssa Tirichine, Malek Belguedj, Abderrahmane Benkhalifa, Messaouda Guerradi 

Sabine Didier 

Gilles Mersadier 

Odile Balizet, Jean Mège 

Ewen Le Borgne 

Kaouther Sfar Gandoura 

For the c300 of you who have a free print subscription to the KM4D Journal - for which all KM4Dev members are eligible - the copy will be arriving on your doormat shortly, if it hasn't arrived already. For those who do not have a free subscription, there are a number of other options available:

  1. Take a good look at the journal website because issues are frequently available free
  2. If you have an interest in a particular article, contact the author directly who will be able to send you a copy
  3. For residents of certain countries, you can gain free access to the journal via the STAR initiative of the publisher

The articles from this issue will be posted on the KM4Dev wiki next year.

Best wishes, also from Ewen le Borgne, Ivan Kulis, Lucie Lamoureux and Denise Senmartin


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