KM4Dev 09 Gender Huddle


KM4Dev 09 Gender Huddle

This group is meant to start thinking and sharing around the gender huddle at the 6-8 October 2009 KM4DEV meeting in Brussels

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Started by Peter J. Bury Sep 29, 2009.

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Comment by Sophie Treinen on September 18, 2009 at 6:32pm
I am interested in Gender aspects of Knowledge Management from a field perspective. In programmes and projects gender issues are not systematically integrated and very often gender issues are interpreted as women issues, which is wrong. Therefore when you are sharing knowledge in a project, how would you ensure that both men and women can participate, learn and share what they know, or have experienced. What are the methods you have tried, what worked or failed? and why?

I am looking for concrete examples and experiences so that I can share them with my colleagues who are not able to join us in Brussels, but who implement KS projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia.
Comment by Rosien Herweijer on September 18, 2009 at 3:10pm
I have put some ideas on the wiki. Please comment.
Comment by Jane Elizabeth Hailé on September 15, 2009 at 4:36pm
Like everyone else on the wall I would be interested in participating in this huddle! I am not sure yet how to situate my own experience within the broader KM4Dev as a very new member so I'll just say something about what I am doing & wait for reactions as to its relevance! My primary activity as a consultant at the moment is for the UNDP in Cambodia. I'm working with the Ministry of Women's Affairs & the Ministry of Land. I have been (in the jargon) helping to 'engender' the nation-wide systematic land registration programme through, for example drafting land registration policy, reviewing legislation , developing & facilitating training on gender issues in land registration for govt officials, donors & NGOs, developing public education programmes for various audiences . This is fairly typical of my assignments with UN & other donors but Cambodia is a particularly fascinating place to work & I'm looking forward to going back in November to work with the Min of Labour.

Other than my consulting activities I also facilitate MA courses on Gender & Media for the New School of Social Research in New York. This is where Marshall Macluhan 'cut his teeth' .In connection with this I'm developing a light-hearted introduction to 'gender literacy' on my web-site at which looks at a number of gender & communication issues also mentioned by others e.g. gender & new communications technologies, gendered communication patterns & competence, how the media influences ideas about gender & vice versa etc
Let me throw this into the pot for now & look forward to hearing more of other people's experience & questions
Comment by Sophia Huyer on September 10, 2009 at 9:51pm
Hi everyone,

I'm new to KM4D, KM and all of that....although I've done a lot of work on gender and knowledge society / ICT, etc. I'm doing some work on gender and knowledge transfer right now, which includes but is not restricted to KM. Since this is all quite new to me, I am interested to hear your views on what this is all about!

It might help me if we could clarify what it is exactly we're talking about when we talk about KM and KM4D -- I went to the FAQ wiki and this helped me to a certain extent, but it is using a very broad and layered approach. Are we talking about communication systems as they are mediated by technology? Are we talking about how women and men develop and communicate knowledge differently? Are we talking about how women's views and knowledge are reflected or not in KM systems and KM4D systems?

Looking forward to the discussions.
Comment by Bertha Camacho on September 10, 2009 at 2:34pm
Dear all,
like you all, I am interested in participating in this huddle, since I would like to explore how KS/KM can be addressed in the mainstreaming of gender in different projects. I have experience with both issues (at Skat, I work with KM/KS and previously I have worked in different project on gender mainstreaming issues), but not with both aspects together.
I am very interested to knowing more about initiatives such as the 'gender in value chain learning network' mentioned by Angelica for example, and other different M/KS initiatives related to gender. As gender is a cross cutting issue, I am sure that this huddle can certainly contribute a great deal to the other huddles.
Comment by Sophie Treinen on September 10, 2009 at 1:41pm
Yes Rosein, we should start. I just would like to know if you want to continue taking the lead. I am rather busy at the moment but think that a skype call between the two of us would be a good start. regards
Comment by Angelica Senders on September 10, 2009 at 1:32pm
Dear all,

I have, like Rosien, a general backgroun in GAD. I once wrote my Master thesis on this issue and in most of my positions in the Africa, Asia and Latin America (17 years), one of my responsibilities was gender. I have worked in many fields, but the last 10 years I am mostly involved in Fair and Sustainable Economic Development (SFED) programmes.

Since 2003 I work for ICCO in The Netherlands. In the first few years gender was not high on the agenda. At the moment I am programme specialist on capacity development within the SFED programme of ICCO. Encourage Learning and Knowledge Sharing is one of my tasks.

About two years ago we started to realize that we were quite gender blind in our economic progamme. It turned out we were not the only one and in the context of the Agri-profocus network we joined hands with other organisations and formed the 'gender in value chain learning network'. The network combined F2F activities with digital exchange of experience. The network seems to respond to a felt need and many people have joined from all over the world.

To get an impression look at the Ning and the Wiki of the network. On the wiki look at the page 'willing to contribute?'.

The challenge will be to get knowledge flowing between the members of the network. I hope to get some insights on that matter during the KM4dev workshop. I am one of the initiators of the e-collaboration network of Dutch NGOs. But I have no experience with KM4dev workshops. I have no idea what I can expect from the ways of working, e.g. what is a huddle? And will it be possible to joint more then one huddle?

Comment by Rosien Herweijer on September 10, 2009 at 10:26am
Dear fellow-huddlers

Shall we start sharing some ideas on what we could do in this huddle. There is many different angles through which you could look at gender and knowledge sharing? What would you want to bring to and get out of this huddle?

For myself: I have a lot of more general experience with mainstreaming gender, including how raising gender issues (and diversity for that matter) can affect all kinds of other strategic issues and management processes in organizations. That would be something I can bring in.

But I never really looked at it directly from a perspective of knowledge management, so to hear about how you mainstream gender in km would be interesting.

Also I wonder if there are specific experiences abour managing knowledge about gender and gender relations: I have read about them but have not been able to talk with the people trying that hands-on.

Finally we could maybe discuss what gender has to do with all this electronic knowledge sharing and -management.

On the issue of tools: maybe someone more familiar with the km4dev toolbox can help using it for this huddle. I am very proud I managed to set up this group, but I am afraid my skills in this are limited.

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