KM4Dev Jobs Centre Members (286)

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Roshani Nepali

Kathamandu, Nepal

Aaron Leonard

Washington, DC, United States

James Hutchins

Jakarta, Indonesia

Romolo Tassone

New York, NY, United States

Rob Cartridge

Rugby, United Kingdom

Karen Schmidt

Berlin, Germany

Michael Riggs

Rome, Italy

Enamul Haque

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Christine Karasi-Omes

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Sarah Pouezevara

Les Houches, France

Abigail Moy

Washington, DC, United States

Jorge Sanguinetty

Arlington, VA, United States

John Warnes

Berlin, Germany

Adedayo Bolaji-Adio

Washington, DC, United States

Joan Whelan

Washington, DC, United States

Sharon D'Onofrio

Arlington, VA, United States

Janine Honour

London, United Kingdom

Yoichiro Nakamura

Babson Park, MA, United States

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