Knowledge Management Conference 
Brighton, UK 
June 26-28 

Monday, June 26 � Theme: Purpose and Strategy

9:00-9:15 Welcome 
� Welcome, comments from sponsors
9:15-9:30 Overview 
� Conference objectives, program 
� Survey results on KM readiness, needs/priorities 
� Working definitions, concepts
9:30-10:30 Key note: The Development of Knowledge Management and why it is important 
- History, current trends, key ideas, models, what we�ve learned 
� Q/A
Charles Savage, Knowledge Era Enterprises
( Presentation plus interactive session with participants)
10:30 Break
10:45-12:00 Knowledge Management case experience in the World Bank 
- Importance of Knowledge Management to the international community 
� Drivers, challenges faced by World Bank, options attempted, overall approach
Steve Denning,World Bank
12:00-1:00 Lunch
1:00-2:30 Defining purpose and strategy 
a) Overview of purpose and strategy definition 
� Range of strategic positioning options/models (viz., business lines; value proposition; Knowledge Management as part of organizational learning, etc.)
(60 min.) b) Case study on defining purpose and strategy 
� The British Petroleum KM story: how they defined a KM strategy in response to their knowledge needs. 
� How the BP lessons are being applied and adapted at Tearfund to create a responsive, learning organization and a KM strategy to fit the special conditions of Tearfund.
Nick Milton, Knowledge Transformation International (former BP), and Paul Wiffen, Tearfund (former BP) (joint presentation)
(25 min.) c) Table group discussion 
� Key messages/principles re purpose and strategy 
� Lessons learned
2:40 Break
3:00-5:00 Knowledge resource mapping

a) Overview of types of mapping models (viz., Business Line Process/Knowledge Asset Mapping; other models)
(30 min.) b) Case studies on knowledge resource mapping 
� using business lines/knowledge asset model 
� using an external consultant
Chris Smart, IDRC 
Peter Kibby, TFPL (CGIAR)
(30 min.) c) Open plenary exchange 
� other experiences, suggestions for identifying knowledge resources in participant organizations 
� lessons learned on the day
Participant experience based suggestions
5:00 Planning Committee check-in
Tuesday, June 27 � Theme: Accessing Knowledge
9:00-9:15 Accessing knowledge - Introduction 
� overview of two core approaches (codify/collect and person-to-person/connect)
9:15-11:20 Communities of Practice
(40 min.) a) Introduction to CoPs 
� outline of different models, techniques, pros and cons 
� general guidelines, do�s/dont�s
Louis De Merode, Silver Creek Ass.
(40 min.) b) Case study on COPs 
� particular approach in a development organization 
� methods, rationale, challenges faced and addressed, lessons
Steve Glovinsky, UNDP (SURF network)
10:35-10:50 Break
(30 min.) c) Table discussions 
� charting of lessons 
- Knowledge collection/codification approaches
(25 min) a) Case study 
� knowledge asset picture, Knowledge Management strategy drivers, codification approach and rationale, lessons learned
Adrian Blundell, DFID
(25 min.) Table discussions
12:15 Lunch
1:15-1:45 b) Table group discussion 
� observations on best conditions/needs for a codify strategy 
� lessons learned

Access Enablers 
a) Overview of key enablers that support access 
� introduce range of enablers, specify technology and facilitation for examination

1:50-3:00 b) Technology as enabler
(30 min.) b) (i) Overview of range of possible technologies Peter Kibby, TFPL
(40 min.) b) (ii) Case study on developing a technological support strategy in a development organization Peter Armstrong,
3:00 Break
3:30-4:30 c) Facilitation as enabler 
� overview of facilitation principles, methodologies, lessons learned
Steve Song, Bellanet
4:30-5:00 d) Other enablers 
� Other experiences with enablers, i.e., �What was the mix of supporting mechanisms or approaches that enabled �access to knowledge�Knowledge Management to flourish in your organization�
Manfred Haebig, GTZ
Post 5:00 Preliminary views on next steps for KM in the development community Participants explore KM needs and potential next steps in the development community Participants meet informally in groups for 45 min to discuss the future.
6:00 Reception with refreshments
Wednesday, June 28 � Theme: Leadership and Culture
9:00-9:15 Overview on day and main theme Facilitator
9:15-11:00 Fostering leadership of and for Knowledge Management
9:15-10:15 a) Getting Leadership and Organizational buy-in 
� approaches and experience to get the leader and executive team onside 
� Creating awareness and understanding of knowledge management in the organisation 
� Identifying and fostering incentives 
� Defining the need in compelling and relevant terms
Panel discussion: Adrian Poplawski, CIDA Steve Denning, World Bank Jean Pierre Beguin, IADB
10:15 Break
10:30-11:00 c) �What is a Chief Knowledge Officer�? 
� guidance on stewardship of Knowledge Management in an organization 
� the roles and approaches of the CKO or equivalent
Panel discussion (cont�d)
11:00-2:00 Creating a Supportive Culture for Knowledge Management
11:00-12:15 a) Supporting Organizational Learning through Knowledge Management, Competence Management and Performance Management 
� How knowledge management contributes to organizational learning 
� How knowledge management and performance management link to the organization�s strategy 
� defining and fostering the right values (willingness to share knowledge, etc.) and creating the social space to share knowledge Pentti Sydanmaanlakka, Nokia
12:15-1:30 Lunch
1:30- 2:00 b) Case example on affecting culture to support KM 
� How a government aid organization shaped its culture to support KM
Gisella Wasmouth, SIDA
2:00-3:00 c) KM Boundaries 
� Existing knowledge resources and knowledge-pooling
Geoff Barnard, IDS
3:00-4:00 Fostering Knowledge Management in the International Development Community 
� report on progress on initiatives agreed/launched following Washington session 
� further discussion of next steps, leadership and participation from community
4:00-4:30 Summary observations on conference Facilitator
Closing thoughts and thank yous from sponsors, etc. Sponsoring organizations
Plenary evaluation Open exchange, then complete and leave form
4:30 Close

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