Brighton 2000 Evaluation Comments

On the rating of resources the following averages were obtained:

  • Facilitation: 8.35 out of 10 (23 responses)
  • Binder: 8.32 out of 10 (22 responses)
  • Website: 8.00 out of 10 (19 responses)

In your opinion, which departments from your organisation should be represented at a workshop like this? Check as many as apply:

  • Policy and/or Planning13
  • Program Delivery 12
  • Management of Information Systems (MIS)13
  • Library 8
  • Other:
    • Human Resources 5
    • Evaluation 4
    • Partners in the South 2
    • Southern offices 1
    • Communications + Publishing Services 1
    • Finance 1

Are there any other organisations that you would have liked to have seen in attendance at the workshop? Please specify:

  • Development Research Instititutions
  • European NGOs (other than UK-based)
  • LBL (Swiss competence centre for agricultural extension)
  • A Southern perspective
  • OFSE (Austria)
  • DSE
  • More consultants from other European countries (e.g. Geneva Knowledge Group)
  • Information organisations (e.g. Dialog)
  • Consultants (e.g. E & Y, Arthur Andersen)
  • French aid program
  • UN "content" organisations (e.g. FAO)
  • EIB
  • The South deserves a separate workshop
  • This group is appropriate as a CoP

Topics that you would like to have seen included?

  • Some time for trying out practical application (e.g. of mapping) � role playing
  • In-depth knowledge mapping (more concrete)
  • More practical sessions
  • More about organisational learning
  • Making knowledge sharing relevant to the poor; how can KM contribute to development in the South
  • Knowledge strategy and its relation to the organisation�s fundamental mission / vision / philosophy
  • The links between: a) knowledge strategy for OD; b) knowledge strategy for programme work in the field; c) knowledge policy issues (e.g. IPRs as they relate to development)
  • Where is knowledge management/sharing in development organisations is different from KM in the private sector, and where is it similar
  • What is the relevance of "Northern" knowledge
  • Innovation in North-South relationships
  • What is the future of the donor organisation
  • Deeper level of technology as enabler (perhaps as option, or a special track, as it may not be relevant for everybody)
  • Other knowledge case studies outside donor organisations (e.g. Eldis, OneWorld)
  • More on knowledge creation and application (heavy emphasis on knowledge sharing)

Topics that should be removed?

  • Discussion on definitions
  • More focused sessions (only one introduction speaker per subject and more discussion)
  • The dominance of OD goals; the issue is not of our survival but our relevance to poor people
  • Less time on "generic" introductions, less business analogies/slang
  • Perhaps the HR-related issues were of less relevance than the codification /connection issues

Other comments?

  • Very interesting workshop, well organised
  • More time for reflections and discussion; cut down questions after presentations for more discussion time
  • Tea breaks and interval between sessions were unrealistic! Excellent conference, though
  • I learnt a lot!
  • Far too much and too many presentations � need more discussion groups and workshop assignments
  • Follow-up meeting (refresher + what each of us made out of this workshop); consolidation of "start-ups"
  • One of the most useful workshops I have attended for many years. By far the best knowledge workshop I have attended � it has significantly helped my thinking in a number of key areas. Thanks
  • Too much "downloading". A lot to digest. A useful workshop.
  • Please restrict all presentations to 20 minutes maximum! Any more than that is mostly pointless. People must be brief and to the point!
  • Next event should have fewer talking heads. More interaction. Probably shorter. More focus on specific collaborate tasks. But overall, a very successful event � well organised, facilitated and hosted. In fact, a great success. Well done!
  • Thanks to Lyle for the excellent moderation!
  • Binder is very useful; contacts were useful; case stories and benchmarking very interesting; good food for thought! A good workshop. Helps us to take the next step
  • Interesting topics and dedicated speakers � Great, but: too tight a program, so much information (and knowledge) without given time to reflect. Too little table discussions. Not enough time for mingling and networking
  • I find the 3 days a little bit too compact. So much information delivered in a rapidity that sometimes made me tired, especially as I am not a native English speaker. The presentations using data were so overloaded with text that I sometimes had difficulties in following what the speaker said. The audience was too diversified, which might be the result of a nor clearly identified purpose with the seminar
  • The facilitator had a lot of interesting things to say and the overviews could have been used better but they were rushed through in such a hurry that it was impossible for me to digest. Group discussions could have been given more time. Otherwise I found it a very good conference and I am inspired to continue working with KM
  • Expansion of CoP, particularly cross/multiple organisations
  • On the whole excellent!
  • Design of event included too much passive listening to presentations
  • Very well done and well organised. Table discussions could have been better structured � suggest each table has a facilitator to keep it on track

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