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Steve SONG 

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Jagabandhu ACHARYA
Title: Chairman and CEO
Institution: Total Knowledge Management
Address: 37/11 Meanee Avenue Tank Road, Bangalore -560042, India
Phone: +(91) -80- 5541019, 5307992
Email: ja(a)
Web site:
Jagabandhu Acharya is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total Knowledge Management ( ). He has a Ph.D. in Sociology with specialisation in sociology of knowledge, ideology and policy. He has more than 20 years of development experience as a management teacher, researcher, project manager and consultant, having worked in some of the premier institutes in India including ASCI (Hyderabad), IIM (Bangalore), IRMA (Anand) and ISEC (Bangalore), and also in development agencies like Danida and ActionAid. Jagabandhu's areas of work cover a large spectrum - from Knowledge Management, IT, Communications, MIS, Organisation Development to Policy Advocacy on education, food security, civil society and governance issues. He was the national convenor of Citizens' Initiative on Elementary Education in India. He has authored a numbeer of books, articles and papers, and has established many institutions and initiatives. Until recently Jagabandhu was a Director at ActionAid India, an international development agency, for more than six years, during which time he made many contributions at the corporate level, especially in strategy development, instituion building, IT and Knowledge Management. He was a leading core team member in ActionAid Worldwide's policy framework groups on IT and KM, and architectured the agency's global intranet as early as 1997.

Lucie Lamoureux
Title: Program Officer
Institution: Bellanet International Secretariat
Address: c/o IDRC, 250 Albert St., PO Box 8500, Ottawa, CANADA K1G 3H9
Phone: +1 613 236-6163 ext. 2424
Fax: (613) 238-7230
Email: llamoureux(a)
Web site:
Lucie Lamoureux has been a Program Officer at Bellanet International Secretariat since 1998. She holds a Masters' degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS) from Université de Montréal and was Head of Documentation at the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (now Rights & Democracy) for over six years.

Lucie has been working on knowledge management (KM) issues since late 1998 and has helped co-organize the DC and Brighton KM workshops. She is particularly interested in the organizational and cultural changes that are often necessary when undertaking KM or knowledge sharing. She has recently carried out trainings on effective online networking in Nepal and India.

Title: President
Institution: InterQuest Consulting
Address: 121 Keefer St., Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1M 1T6
Phone: (613) 742-0313
Fax: (613) 742-7803
Email: LMakosky(a)
Lyle Makosky is a senior executive with over twenty-eight years professional experience in the public, private and the not-for-profit sectors. His knowledge of strategy development, public policy, consultation and consensus building, and managing issues and organizations in the public interest, has been developed through managing several national associations and government organizations as well as designing and facilitating extensive consultations, public policy reviews, strategic planning and change management processes across Canada.

He is currently the President of InterQuest, which specializes in strategic and process consulting to the private, public and non governmental sectors. InterQuest draws upon interdisciplinary methods and models, and where appropriate, utilizes graphical software and real-time group technology to assist in the dialogue and decision process.

As a federal Assistant Deputy Minister with the Government of Canada, he designed and directed the Health Department's corporate, multi-year, strategic planning exercise, the most comprehensive and far reaching in the department's history. It lead to significant reform in the department's strategic and policy priorities and business lines and was the basis for their response to federal restructuring and budget cuts.

As ADM for the Ministry of State for Fitness and Amateur Sport, he guided the reformulation of federal policy and programs during a period of intense scrutiny (Dubin Inquiry on Drugs, etc.) culminating in a new federal- provincial framework and landmark federal policy.

As Executive Vice-President for The Niagara Institute, he was instrumental in positioning the Institute as a national centre for senior leadership development and a non-partisan, issues resolution forum for business, government and labour executives. Mr. Makosky was also the national Executive Director of four national non-profit associations, successfully establishing their governance and cross-Canada programs during their formative years.

He has a Master of Science degree in Nuclear Physics and completed Doctoral coursework in Geophysics.

Steve SONG
Title: Senior Programme Officer
Institution: Bellanet International Secretariat
Address: c/o IDRC, 250 Albert St., PO Box 8500, Ottawa, CANADA K1G 3H9
Phone: +1 613 236-6163 ext. 2268
Fax: (613) 238-7230
Email: ssong(a)
Web site:
Steve Song has worked in the field of information and communication technologies for development since 1991. Much of his experience is in Africa and particularly South Africa where he lived and worked from 1991-1996. Prior to that Steve worked in the computer industry in Canada and U.K.

Since returning to Canada, Steve has worked for the International Development Research Centre managing the Unganisha project; an initiative to improve the capacity of researchers in developing countries to utilize information and communication technologies for collaboration and information dissemination. He is now a senior programme officer at the Bellanet International Secretariat and is involved in developing capacity building resources for the more effective use of information and communication technologies.

Title: Manager, Corporate Knowledge Management Project
Institution: Tearfund
Address: 100 Church Road
England, TW11 8QE
Phone: 020 8943 7960
Fax: 020 8943 3594
Email: prw(a)tearfund
Web site:
Paul Whiffen graduated from Newcastle University in 1997 with a degree in Surveying Science which he applied in positioning rigs and oil exploration ships in the North Sea, off the coast of West Africa and the Caspian Sea - mainly working for BP. In 1996, he changed to the marketing area of the energy sector and worked on strategic Procurement, change management, the Euro and in 1997 he discovered Knowledge Management (KM). Since he discovered KM his life hasn't been the same since he very much recognised the value that it can add. In 1999, he changed to the NGO sector and joined Tearfund (a Christian Relief and Development organisation), and received permission from BP to transfer and adapt the KM ethos and outlooks to this context. This has been well received both by Tearfund and other NGOs in the sector.
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Note that copyright of all materials is retained by the authors. You may not reproduce any material available here without first seeking the author's permission.

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