The following people are KM4Dev Consultants, i.e. specializing in Knowledge Management within the international development sector. Please input your information in the following way and post full resumes as links:

  • Luis Gutierrez
  • Independent Information Researcher
  • USA
  • Environment, energy, demographics, human development, sustainable development, links4dev online relational databases, knowledge2008 methods and resources.
  • Cuban-American, 30 years with IBM (requirements analysis, information management, relational databases), active in human ecology research since the 1970s (dissertation on ecosystem response to commercial perturbations). Since 2002, doing some independent research at the intersection of technology and sustainable human development. Since 2005, publishing an e-journal on sustainable development.

  • Nancy White
  • Founder-Chocoqueen/Full Circle Associates
  • USA
  • nancyw at fullcirc dot com
  • online interaction, facilitation (online and offline), communities of practice, technology stewardship
  • One paragraph bio

  • Lucie Lamoureux
  • Associate, KM4D Associates
  • Belgium (but Canadian citizen)
  • llamoureux at bellanet dot org
  • KM strategy development, facilitation (online and offline), online interaction, capacity development on knowledge sharing techniques, communities of practice
  • For the last 16 years, I've been working with multilateral, bilateral and non-governmental organizations in supporting their KM/KS efforts through participatory KM strategy development, using online and face-to-face facilitation to develop networks/CoPs and applying interactive techniques that promote team learning.
  • CV and LinkedIn profile

  • Dorine Ruter
  • Consultant at ETC Foundation
  • The Netherlands
  • d.ruter AT etcnl DOT nl
  • Knowledge management, knowledge sharing, organisational learning, communities of practice, online facilitation, information management, farmer led documentation (FLD)
  • CV / Weblog

  • Marc Steinlin
  • Consultant at IngeniousPeoplesKnowledge
  • South Africa/Switzerland
  • marc.steinlin AT i-p-k DOT ch
  • KM strategies; KM approaches, techniques & methods; KM benchmarking; indigenous knowledge; organisational learning; change management; capacity building; f2f & online facilitation
  • From 2000-2006 I have been working as knowledge manager of the Swiss Development NGO Helvetas; during that time I have started consulting with international organisations, NGOs & governmental agencies; I have facilitated many knowledge sharing workshops in many contexts and for very diverse groups, continuously improving on the concept and methodology of knowledge sharing and transferring learning into action.

  • Ewen Le Borgne
  • Consultant at IRC International water and sanitation centre
  • The Netherlands
  • Leborgne AT irc DOT nl
  • KM strategy development, facilitation (offline and online), knowledge sharing, resource centre development, learning alliances and multi-stakeholder platforms, monitoring and evaluation of KM.
  • Since 2002 I am working for the IRC on communication, information and knowledge management, organisational learning and sector learning development and facilitation. This includes design, implementation, capacity development, facilitation, support and monitoring of resource centres and learning alliances. I have been facilitating a number of workshops for diverse audiences. Currently working on improved monitoring and evaluation for learning and change and more in-depth work on sector learning.

  • Luca SERVO
  • Consultant at FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
  • Italy
  • luca.servo AT fao DOT org
  • international development, cooperation, communities of practice, e-learning, knowledge management, knowledge sharing, UN, web marketing, communication for development, ICTs for development
  • I’m a Knowledge management and Communities of Practice expert, supporting FAO's new approach to knowledge management. Currently, I'm involved in the planning, implementation and facilitation of CoPs which cover different areas of interest (indigenous knowledge, rural radio broadcasting, communication for development, etc.) in different regions of the world (Middle East, Latin America, Central America, Africa)
  • my complete profile on LinkedIn / talk-share-learn, my blog

  • Matthew Slater
  • Switzerland
  • matslats gmail com
  • web sites
  • I specialise in helping smaller organisations to express their web strategies and to translate those into functional requirements. I can help you put together a Request for Proposal for web site development, or build it myself, depending on the size of the project.

  • Carl Jackson
  • Consultant at Westhill Knowledge
  • UK
  • I specialize in supporting knowledge sharing, learning and change in aid organisations (mainly through facilitation, training, mentoring, evaluation and process design)
  • For further information please see my profile on KM4Dev and on my website

  • Davide Piga
  • Knowledge Management and Communications Specialist
  • UK
  • Specialties:
    • Knowledge Management: facilitated knowledge sharing processes for generation of lessons learnt and good practices in both private and public sector
    • Information Architecture: successfully implemented knowledge management systems and collaboration platforms for organisations with over 15,000 employees
    • Communications: designed and led social media strategies for international development initiatives including live coverage of major international events and conferences. One of the 100 most influential individuals who actively promote the work of the UN via social media (
  • More info, CV and references:

  • Name
  • Title/name of consultancy
  • Country
  • Email
  • Specialization (if any)
  • One paragraph bio
  • URL

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