KM4Dev members regularly undertake specific projects linked to their own interests. In some cases, we hope to obtain funding to support the development of the community and its resources.  

Current Working Groups and projects include:

FAQ renewal Working Group

The Swiss Agency for Development and Co-operation (SDC), through its Thematic Knowledge Service, is supporting a KM4Dev knowledge base project (approximately 35,000 Canadian dollars). The project seeks to renew the existing website FAQ. It is hoped that KM4Dev members will view the FAQ as a distillation of the best available wisdom on knowledge management for development, and use it more frequently.

This small-scale project is working to review historical forum debates and contributions from the last five years, and synthesise this information into richer knowledge to inform practitioners, project staff, researchers and policy makers of the value of the KM4Dev approach. A working group made up of KM4Dev Core Group members are undertaking the substantial work.

The team will identify relevant FAQ topics, using information gleaned from the recent KM4Dev User survey and in consultation with other KM4Dev core members and the broader KM4Dev community. It will work to review and synthesize archived contributions to the topics and produce annotated summaries. The team will also engage the KM4Dev community to share responsibility inn maintaining the FAQ and find means to develop their sense of ownership in the project.

See KM4dev wiki

Toolkit Project

The Toolkit project aims to design, implement, evaluate, and facilitate a collaborative initiative to create a space within the KM4Dev community that allows and encourages development practitioners to share experiences with the use of KS tools and methods, learn about new tools, and use resources and materials for training purposes. This space could take the form of a Web-based platform and/or a multimedia product.

Several organizations - among them the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), and Bellanet - have been devising some kind of knowledge sharing tool kit. These kits seek to help staff adopt KS approaches and make these a part of their institutional cultures. The project's objective is to combine efforts of interested development organizations in order to deepen the knowledge on the use of KS tools and approaches.

See KS Toolkit

“Stories4dev” Proposal

To extend the reach of the existing SDC “Practitioner’s Story Guide”, the KM4Dev Core Group are inviting members of the community to join as partners in this multi-actor endeavour. The final goal is the creation of a web-based interactive online resource or “platform” for development practitioners, containing downloadable tools, discussion areas, stories and other learning resources. Participation in the development of this resource also promises to be a valuable learning experience.

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