Allmand, MonicaISNAR 

Barnes, Melaina Healthlink Worldwide 

Chadwick, Dale OneWorld 

Chittoor, Jayalakshmi Bellanet International Secretariat 

Cummings, Sarah Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) 

Dam van, Henk Royal Tropical Institute 

Easdown, Warwick World Agroforestry 

Ferguson, Julie International Institute for Comm. & Dev. 

Hardon, Anne KIT 

Harmsen, Saskia IICD 

Illi, Holger Ministry for Economic Coorporation 

Kole, Ellen

Kooijmans-Tibbles, Helen Institute of Social Studies 

Lamoureux, Lucie Bellanet International Secretariat 

Marcilly, Benedicte IICD 

Morrow, Katherine IICD 

Nath, Vikas Office of Development Studies, UNDP 

Nett ,Bernhard Fraunhofer-FIT 

Pakenham-Walsh, Neil INASP 

Pola, Lidia European Commission 

Richardson, Victoria Healthlink Worldwide 

Rogers, Richard Foundation and University of Amsterdam 

Schaeffers, Loeki IICD 

Schout, Loe Hivos 

Sealy, Wendy Caribbean Development Bank 

Stienen, Jac IICD 

Valk, Minke KIT 

Vicziany, Marika Monash University 

Vreede de, Verele WASTE 

Wenger, Etienne Cp Square 

Zorn, Isabel University of Bremen 

Schoonman, Marten IT Project Management 

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