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Title: Executive Director
Institution: Bellanet International Secretariat
Address: c/o IDRC, 250 Albert St., PO Box 8500, Ottawa, CANADA K1G 3H9
Phone: +1 613 236-6163 ext. 2436
Fax: (613) 238-7230
Email: dbalson(a)
Web site:
Presentation: KMNetworking-DB.ppt

David Balson was responsible for the design and implementation of the Bellanet initiative, which supports collaboration within the development community through the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs). He has been Executive Director of Bellanet since its inception, in 1995.

He founded and managed IDRC's Telematics program in the 1980's, initially supporting computer conferencing in developing countries and then expanding email connectivity for the development and research communities. In the 1990s his focus was on policy issues related to ICTs. He lived in Kenya from 1988 to 1991, where he worked on telematics and related policy programs.

Jean-Pierre B�GUIN

Title: Principal Management Analyst, Office of the Controller
Institution: Inter-American Development Bank
Address: 1300 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20577 USA
Phone: 202-623-1350
Fax: 202-623-3739
Email: JEANB(a)
Web site:
Presentation: IDBKnowledgeExchNet-JPB.pdf
Jean-Pierre B�guin has earned a licence in law from the University of Geneva and a PhD in political science from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva. He has worked successively in the World Bank, the Office of International Economic Affairs in Bern, the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Development Bank. Currently, he is a Principal Management Analyst in the IDB and Co-coordinator of KENSTEER, the inter-departmental coordinating group for the Bank's Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN).


Title: Program Director � Knowledge Management
Institution: World Bank
Address: 1818 H Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20433 USA
Email: SDenning(a)
Web site:
Stephen Denning is spokesperson on the Bank�s major initiative to share its know-how, information and experience not only among its own staff, but also with its clients and partners around the world. As program director of knowledge management, a position he assumed in 1996, Mr. Denning chairs the Bank�s Knowledge Management Board, which includes managers from across the Bank, and is charged with leading the knowledge-sharing reforms. He also coordinates the technology resources needed to implement this strategic shift in management of information and knowledge. Prior to holding this position, Mr. Denning held various management positions including director for the Bank�s Southern Africa department, senior operations adviser for Africa, division chief for population, health and nutrition projects, initially in Latin America and the Middle East, and later in Asia and Eastern Africa. He has also been division chief for the Sahel Countries and the Bank�s riverblindness program.


Title: Coordinator - UNDP Sub-regional Resource Facilities (SURF)
Institution: United Nations Development Programme
Address: 1 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017 USA
Phone: 212-906-6337
Fax: 212-906-5023
Email: steveng(a)
Web site:
Presentation: UNDPSURF-SG.ppt
Steve Glovinsky is a public management specialist with over twenty five years' experience with the United Nations Development Programme in the design and implementation of governance programmes and projects, including twelve years in field assignments. He has worked with a wide and diverse range of countries and organizations to provide methodological guidance and technical support in four areas: public sector rationalization, decentralization and area development strategies, institutional capacity building, and the management of change. Specific competencies include transition planning for state structures, strategic planning, organizational rationalization, programme and project formulation, business systems engineering, and process facilitation. Since August 1998 he has been the Coordinator of the "Global Hub" of UNDP's system of Sub-regional Resource Facilities � the SURF system.


Title: President
Institution: InterQuest Consulting
Address: 121 Keefer St., Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1M 1T6
Phone: (613) 742-0313
Fax: (613) 742-7803
Email: LMakosky(a)
Presentation: Overview-LM.ppt
Lyle Makosky is a senior executive with over twenty-eight years professional experience in the public, private and the not-for-profit sectors. His knowledge of strategy development, public policy, consultation and consensus building, and managing issues and organizations in the public interest, has been developed through managing several national associations and government organizations as well as designing and facilitating extensive consultations, public policy reviews, strategic planning and change management processes across Canada.

He is currently the President of InterQuest, which specializes in strategic and process consulting to the private, public and non governmental sectors. InterQuest draws upon interdisciplinary methods and models, and where appropriate, utilizes graphical software and real-time group technology to assist in the dialogue and decision process.

As a federal Assistant Deputy Minister with the Government of Canada, he designed and directed the Health Department�s corporate, multi-year, strategic planning exercise, the most comprehensive and far reaching in the department�s history. It lead to significant reform in the department�s strategic and policy priorities and business lines and was the basis for their response to federal restructuring and budget cuts.

As ADM for the Ministry of State for Fitness and Amateur Sport, he guided the reformulation of federal policy and programs during a period of intense scrutiny (Dubin Inquiry on Drugs, etc.) culminating in a new federal- provincial framework and landmark federal policy.

As Executive Vice-President for The Niagara Institute, he was instrumental in positioning the Institute as a national centre for senior leadership development and a non-partisan, issues resolution forum for business, government and labour executives. Mr. Makosky was also the national Executive Director of four national non-profit associations, successfully establishing their governance and cross-Canada programs during their formative years.

He has a Master of Science degree in Nuclear Physics and completed Doctoral coursework in Geophysics.

Louis de MERODE

Title: Management Consultant - Knowledge Management
Institution: Silver Creek Associates
Address: Aexandria, VA. USA
Phone: (703) 548-3070
Email: ldemerode(a)
Presentations: KMStewardship-LDM.ppt
Louis de Merode is Principal Consultant at Silver Creek Associates, which specializes in Communities of Practice and Knowledge Management Strategy. Before being on his own, he was with the World Bank for many years, first in lending operations and then as an internal consultant. Mr. de Merode�s clients include Fortune 500 companies, The World Bank and the InterAmerican Development Bank. He is a sought after speaker at conferences on Knowledge Management and Communities of Practice. And he is an avid reader, runner and fly-fisherman.


Title: Executive Director
Institution: Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat - Corporate Renewal Office
Address: 140 O'Connor, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1A 0R5
Phone: +1 613 946-3073
Fax: (613) 952-1973
Email: Nicholson-O'Brien.Dawn(a)
Presentations: LeadingWithKnowledge-DNO.ppt
Dawn Nicholson-O'Brien joined the Public Service of Canada 19 years ago and is originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she pursued her BA and MA at Dalhousie University. It has been her pleasure to serve as a Director-General, Policy, with DFO, as a DG with the Department of Justice, and in other assignments with Justice, CUIO, PCO, Finance and Health and Welfare. She is a self-described "professional gypsy" by choice.

In her current capacity, as the Executive Director of the Corporate Renewal and Knowledge Management Office, she is assisting the TBS in fulfilling its role as a management centre of excellence. This entails being a "seed-bed" for creating new knowledge networks and developmental approaches, both internal and external to the federal government. She is also beginning a part-time Ph.D. in knowledge innovation.

If the Public Service and its leaders are to provide a supportive working environment then Dawn believes the capacity for continuous individual and organizational self-renewal must be a key building-block. Knowledge management, creation and transfer are key to this development of capacity.


Title: Executive Director
Institution: IBM Institute for Knowledge Management
Address: 55 Cambridge Parkway, LDB 3E, Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
Phone: 617-693-4703 or t/l 693-4703
Fax: 617-693-4649 or t/l 693-4649
Email: lprusak(a)
Web site:
Larry Prusak, Executive Director of the Institute for Knowledge Management, is a Managing Principal with IBM Global Services in Boston. He has extensive consulting experience, within the U.S. and internationally, in helping firms leverage and optimize their information and knowledge resources.

A respected authority in his field, Larry has lectured and been published widely. His book, Managing Information Strategically (John Wiley & Sons, 1994), co-authored with James McGee, is a basic text on the role of information in gaining competitive advantage. His articles include "Myth of Information Overload" (International Journal of Information Management, 1995), "Information Politics" (Sloan Management Review, Fall 1993), "Blow up the Corporate Library" (International Journal of Information Management, 1993), "Knowledge and Risk Management" (California Management Review, Spring 1996), and "Eleven Sins of Knowledge Management" (California Management Review, Spring 1998). He has recently co-authored two books with Tom Davenport: Information Ecology (Oxford University Press, 1997), and Working Knowledge (Harvard Business School Press, 1997). Working Knowledge has sold over 50,000 copies and has been translated into 12 languages. His most recent book, Hidden in Plain Sight: The Role of Social Capital in Organizations, will be published in 2000 by Harvard Business School Press. Larry is frequently quoted on organizational knowledge issues by such business periodicals as Fortune, Business Week, CIO, and many others.

Prior to joining IBM, Larry was a Principal in Ernst & Young�s Center for Business Innovation, specializing in issues of corporate knowledge management. While there, he was responsible for helping to build a consulting practice centered on firms managing their knowledge resources. Larry�s professional background also includes work as a researcher and librarian at Baker Library at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, and as a teacher of social and economic history at several universities.

In 1991, Larry won the SLA Professional Award for Contributions to the Field of Information Science. In 1990, he won the H. W. Wilson Award for the year�s best article on information science. He holds a B.A. in history from Long Island University, an M.A. in economic and social history from New York University (where he completed all the examinations and course work toward a Ph.D.), and an M.S. in information science from Simmons college. He has guest lectured at the Wharton School, Stanford, Harvard, the University of California, and New York University, and is a visiting faculty member for the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College.

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