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ICT for disaster management

With the increasing frequency and severity of disasters, as well as the social and economic consequences for all countries, the international community has made improving disaster management a top priority. The international community and country-level National Disaster Management (NDM) authorities have made improving their ways to mitigate, prepare for,…


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Food Security Analysis

Food security is a basic human right.  In fact, having access to a sufficient amount of nutritious food may be considered the most fundamental of all human rights. According to USAID, Food security means having, at all times, both physical and economic access to sufficient food to meet dietary needs for a productive and healthy life. A family is food secure…


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An emergency management plan is a strategy devised to lessen the impact of probable occurrences that could jeopardize a company's capacity to function. A plan like this should contain safeguards for workers, as well as, if possible, property and facilities. It should also have provisions for determining the seriousness of an occurrence and taking steps to resolve the issue. Identifying probable emergency situations and proper solutions to each is one of the elements of emergency management…


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Survey is defined as a study of a geographical area to gather impression, opinions, information to satisfying level by polling a section of population. Surveys are widely used in various researches like academic research, market research, business and much more. Some effective tips to increase effectiveness of your surveys:


  1. Evaluate your situation:

You must first determine why you are doing the survey and the desired outcome. In terms of how to perform…


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