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Please! No more Icebreakers: 5 Ways to Get a Group Connected Without Icebreakers

I read a New York Times article a few days ago praising the benefit of icebreakers, while acknowledging that they are embarrassing and we all groan when someone from the podium announces, in a cherry voice, “Get ready, because we’regoing to do an icebreaker.” We’ve all be subjected to, “Two truths and a lie” or “What …


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Knowledge Transfer: When to Use What Method

Transferring knowledge from one part of the organization to another is at the heart of knowledge management. But a general call to encourage more knowledge sharing or transfer is not very effective because there are many ways to transfer knowledge. You need to be sure that you are investing in the best method for what you want to accomplish. There are two questions that influence the choice of method.  

  1. What is the transfer problem you are trying to solve? For…

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Think Knowledge Innovation Instead Of Knowledge Transfer

     The African Rice Center* has been very successful in transferring knowledge about how to process rice in a way that makes it more nutritious and has less breakage. In a study conducted in Benin, 92% of the 600 women farmers took up a new process for parboiling rice. That is an amazing percentage for the transfer of knowledge. But the real story is the remarkable way they accomplished the transfer.

     I should note that in Benin parboiling rice is a major economic activity and…


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