Demystifying Knowledge and Knowledge Management 2012

  • In attempt to give impressions how will Knowledge (K) as well as Knowledge Management (KM) in 2012 looks like, we have at least four articles with “2012” taggings for social bookmarking to  explaining the K and/or KM related environment most likely will tend to occur from our version.
  • We choose “2012” considering that the year of 2012 symbolising the mystery of the world destiny based on Mayan calender prophecy which is now believed by many people world wide
  • The following are those four articles noted with their relevant sentences :

1.  - “KNOWLEDGE TOWARDS 2012 : GREAT TURNING FROM MIND BRAIN TO CONSCIOUSNESS DNA” .....“After Singularity between Human Mind and Technology reaching its peak (in 2012 ?), it will be the “Jump Time” for us to make “Great Turning” from the BRAIN as locus of Mind to the DNA as locus of Consciousness and Value ...... (posted on Nov 26, 2009)


2.  - “DI-KW SEPARATED MODEL PLUS “TOP FOUR ARTICLES OF THE MONTH” TO LEARN THE MOST LIKELY NEXT GEN KM”......Hope you get more insight about the most likely DI-KW model-driven of the next gen KM..... (posted on Feb 22, 2010)


3.  - “IS KNOWLEDGE THE 3rd BASIC INGREDIENT OF THE UNIVERSE BESIDE MATTER AND ENERGY ? : KNOWLEDGE REPOSTULATED” ...........Based on Postulate 1 (Knowledge is Consciousness and KM is not fussy term ) as well as Postulate 2 (Knowledge is Living Thing ) used as evidence-based phenomenon, we encourage to develop POSTULATE 3 declaring thatKnowledge (K) is the best candidate as the 3rd basic ingredient of the Universe beside Matter (M) and Energy (E).....(posted on Jan 5, 2011)


4.  - “REPOSTULATING* KNOWLEDGE TO ADDRESS EVOLUTION OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY”..... List of selected topics derived from Social Networking Site “MOBEE KNOWLEDGE CoP” K-base to consider the needs to repostulate Knowledge toward next gen KM and next evolution of Science - Technology :....... (posted on Jan 29, 2011)


·         Appendix :

Not specially related with 2012, but still regarded with the next generation KM, you could also goto Header page of  and through Folder “Future KM” click the Sub-Folder  “Shifting Paradigms K & Sci” and click also Sub-Folder“Toward next gen KM”


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