Knowlede mangement and organisational learning

Has anyone thought of the way in which knowledge management can enhance learning in the organisation as well the knowledge management systems

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Comment by Thabo Mosiakgabo on September 13, 2017 at 12:45pm

knowledge management as a concept enhances learning in an organization and may also facilitate for the smooth transition from the old knowledge management systems to the new ones in a variety of ways such as through focus groups, seminars, workshops and the documentation of tacit knowledge.

Comment by Precoius Botsele on September 12, 2017 at 9:42pm

Within business, learning is a conscious attempt on the part of organisations to improve productivity, effectiveness and innovativeness in uncertain economic and technological market conditions. The greater the uncertainties, the greater the need for learning. Learning enables quicker and more effective responses to a complex and dynamic environment. In turn, effective learning is associated with increased information sharing, communication, and understanding. Because of these reasons the concept of “learning” is probably more pronounced in business than any other area.

Knowledge management is a set of relatively new organizational activities that are aimed at improving knowledge, knowledge-related practices, organizational behaviors and decisions and organizational performance. KM focuses on knowledge processes – knowledge creation, acquisition, refinement, storage, transfer, sharing and utilization. These processes support organizational processes involving innovation, individual learning, collective learning and collaborative decision making. The “intermediate outcomes” of KM are improved organizational behaviors, decisions, products, services, processes and relationships that enable the organization to improve its overall performance.

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