Has anyone thought of the KM strategies that are used by organizations?

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Comment by Precoius Botsele on September 9, 2017 at 9:14pm

Organisations are facing ever-increasing challenges, brought on by marketplace pressures or the nature of the workplace.

Many organisations are now looking to knowledge management (KM) to address these challenges. Such initiatives are often started with the development of a knowledge management strategy. Therefore,

The possible issues orienting the creation of knowledge management strategies are as follows:
a) The standard or individual character of the product or service Codified knowledge has a limited meaning in cases, when the company’s products or services are adjusted to customer’s individual expectations to a great extent.
b) The innovative or mature character of the product or service Mature products or services provide a great number of opportunities for validating the codification strategy. In 

these cases know-how level knowledge can be obtained by means of explicit knowledge, which can also lead to developing a technological knowledge transfer business. The sequence of ideas is true if reversed, too: Know-how level knowledge cannot be obtained without the systematic use of codification. Person-oriented strategy produces only a good network of experts, but does not automatically provide an institutionally tradeable package of knowledge.
c) Applied controlling system It can range from classical linear controlling system through matrix organizations, to project-network systems.
d) Novelty protection of products or services Protection can vary on a scale from open knowledge handling to strong protective systems. As far the content, protection can include all kinds of transitions between legal exclusion and strategic cooperation.
e) Classification of applied knowledge: the ratio of open and tacit knowledge Open knowledge is easy to code and store. Tacit knowledge is attached to a person, therefore storing is difficult and its transfer cannot be automated.


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