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At 10:53pm on March 17, 2010, Wiebke Herding said…
Hi Lucie, will try to drop by tomorrow.

Best * W.
At 12:30pm on March 11, 2010, Sarah Simpson Harris said…
Hi Lucie,

Thanks for the message. Sounds like a great idea, I'd be happy to come along. Looking forward to meeting you next week.

At 4:27pm on January 9, 2010, Romolo Tassone said…
Thanks Lucie - however I'll be in Australia. Let me know the next time you visit.

Buon 2010!
At 1:11pm on December 14, 2009, Cheryl Cooper said…
Thanks for the quick response ! I'd love to meet up (at the gym, why not ?) but it will have to be in January. I am leaving on Christmas holiday this Wednesday. I look forward to meeting up with you early in 2010 !
At 6:53pm on October 22, 2009, John J W Mahegere said…
Yes Lucie. The embassy people came and took us to visit so many interesting places in Brussels. It was so fascinating and they later dropped us at the airport late in the evening.

When you are in Dar anytime, just let me know and will be more than happy to receive you here.

At 4:48pm on October 22, 2009, John J W Mahegere said…
Hi Lucie,

How are you madam?
I can see you on-line, it was really nice meeting and learning together in that encounter which to many of us, was an eye opener. Keep the good job up.

Greetings to all who know me in Brussels,

At 2:09pm on October 17, 2009, Nadejda Loumbeva said…
Hi Lucie - How are you? Better?
Just wondered what the relationship is between the KM4Dev d-group, the wiki and the KM4Dev Ning platform ... For example, I've posted some bits and pieces of what I've learned in Brussels on the Ning platform (created groups etc) but should that also be on the wiki ?? ... Sorry if this seems like a strange question ... Anyhow, hope you are better! Best, Nadia
At 1:15pm on October 12, 2009, Johan Lammers said…
Dear Lucie,

Thanks again for organizing the wonderful workshop of last week! I enjoyed it a lot, and thanks to your umbrella remained pretty dry in the process. I also liked the discussions of the KM4Dev Core Group. If there is still a place left and if I'm considered worthy I would love to join.

See you later!
At 9:28am on October 12, 2009, Karen Schmidt said…
Dear Lucie, hope you feel better soon! What you did for the workshop was fantastic! Since I could not be there on Thursday, I unfortunately missed the core group discussions. I would be happy to get more involved and volunteer if I can contribute something. So I will do like Nadia and subscribe to the d-group. Let's keep in touch and let me know if I could do sth. Many thanks and all the best, Karen
At 11:41pm on October 11, 2009, Nadejda Loumbeva said…
Hola Lucie, hope you are feeling better. Sounds like a good idea to delete the Core Group on Ning if there is already a Core Group d-group. I have not (yet) volunteered to be a Core Group member. I joined the Group on Ning because I was interested in learning more about the dynamics and what you guys discuss. Will get to learn about that in some other way, no worries. ... Thank you Lucie.

Take care! A bientot, Nadia
At 4:34pm on October 11, 2009, Natalie Campbell said…
Dear Lucie,
The workshop was FANTASTIC! You did an awesome job. Please dont worry about all the petty complaints you got :-) what workshop doesnt have a few hiccups?! ..trying to please so many different people from so many different places. Im very sorry to hear you got sick and hope that you recover quickly. Loads of stress will do that for sure!
At 2:06pm on October 11, 2009, Oksana Buranbaeva said…
Dear Lucie, the workshop was great - thanks a lot for everything! I am sorry to hear you are down with flu - get well soon and stay in touch!
At 1:28pm on October 11, 2009, Nadejda Loumbeva said…
It went very well Lucie!! (echo-ing Nancy ...) And you get back on your feet soon! Hugs from Roma this time, Nadia xx
At 10:22am on October 11, 2009, Nadejda Loumbeva said…
Lucie, hope you are well recovering from the flu ... Sorry you got sick ... Once again, your and Matthieu's efforts have been instrumental in making the workshop happen. You are both great! Get well soon Lucie. Drink lots of tea, ehinacea and propolis (sharing my knowledge).

Btw, I am getting a feel for the NING platform now and I rather like it. Brava brava.

See you soon, Nadia xx
At 10:25pm on October 10, 2009, Nadia von Holzen said…
Hi Lucie, that's not fair, take care than and get soon better! Nadia
At 6:04pm on October 10, 2009, Lilia Efimova said…
Thanks for taking care of the flowers :)
At 11:02am on July 9, 2009, Holger Nauheimer said…
Unfortunately, there is not much flexibility to edit the appearance of the group, ok. But as you said, I can add third party widgets. I also would like to inform the future participants how they can adjust the interface language to French because some of them don't speak well English.

I believe it is possible but I cannot find the place where to do it. Can you help? Maybe I am wrong and it is only that the entire platform can be in one certain language, I have created some Ning groups befroe but I don't remember that well.
At 10:21am on July 9, 2009, Holger Nauheimer said…
thanks a lot. I presented the platform yesterday. Will take a week to invite people. I also want to try to change the group to French interface. Let's see whether this works.
At 9:50am on July 9, 2009, Lucie Lamoureux said…
Hi Holger,

I am trying to figure out if I can make you an admin of only this group (I am new to Ning so it's all about discovery!). Otherwise, you would be receiving all admin messages. Do you know how to do this?
At 1:29pm on July 8, 2009, Holger Nauheimer said…
Hi Lucie,

is there a possibility that I become administrator of the group that I have created? I would like to add features such as a photoalbum etc.

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