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Scientific knowledge for the enlightenment and liberation of Africa

Africa is perhaps the most culturally imaginative and creative region in the world. It is extremely diversified, rich in talents and ingenuity with unlimited resources and potential. It has colonized the planet and it enriches humanity through inimitable arts, creativity and advancement of knowledge. Yet, one African out of two lives in difficult human conditions. And despite spectacular progress here and there, Africa remains profoundly socially, spiritually and culturally possessed,…


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The Gift of Voice to the Voiceless in Bangladesh Community Radio

The Gift of Voice to the Voiceless in Bangladesh

Community Radio


The long anticipated introduction of community radio (CR) in to the social, developmental and cultural lifeblood of the country has finally…


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Sparknow offers seven (a magical, storied number) lessons about organizational storytelling.

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Portrait of the modern knowledge worker

Shameless plugging here - let me know if it bothers you ;)

From my blog, I thought this could be useful: what is the portrait of the modern knowledge worker

I can think of a few traits and characteristics that relate to the desired gifts, skills and attitudes of such a modern day knowledge worker....

Click the…


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Kstar has landed! But what is it???

There is an event currently underway in Hamilton, Canada that brings together Knowledge practitioners from many different sectors to explore the concept of 'Kstar'. For those of you new to the concept, the following video provides a useful intorduction to the term:


It would be really interesting to…


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The first Francophone issue of the KM4D Journal (2011, Vol. 7, Issue 2) is now online at:

(re-posting Sarah Cummings's great email about this)

Just wanted to let you know that the first Francophone issue of the KM4D Journal (2011, Vol. 7, Issue 2) is now online at:

In particular, we would like to…


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Curated news on Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Go to: to subscribe.

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KM4Dev Social Network Analysis - Introduction from Graham Durant-Law

(Graham Durant-Law is the consultant selected to carry out the  social network analysis (SNA) of KM4Dev.  Graham has difficulty posting on Ning at the moment so I am posting on his behalf. Over to Graham:

"Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Graham Durant-Law and I am an Australian. I…


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Knowledge – based Copernican Principle applied to next gen Science

In a nutshell, the Copernican Principle mentioning there is nothing special about human and/or Earth. Regarding “Copernican Principle” applied to Quantum Physics and/or Science in general, IMHO we have at least three actions to avoid “big mistakes” in addressing  the next coming of future science   as follow :…


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Request for information on Peer to Peer Learning Network M&E indicators and Monitoring systems

Hi, I am working on a project to evaluate the Peer to Peer Learning experiences (events and network development) at a division of the IFC, and am looking for sample M&E frameworks that have been used in other settings.  I also am going to make recommendations to the group to set up a system to more systematically capture the results achieved from the Peer to Peer Learning events and network, and am also looking for experiences on what has worked for others.  Many possibilities come to…


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km I an old wine in a new bottle?

' this KM a new Fad, old wine in new bottles or is it a real contribution to your management thinking? It seems to me I am getting mixed signals…' 

A question posed by one of the participants following a speech I made in Khartoum a couple of weeks ago.  Read on to see how I replied

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Burkina Faso: 13e sommet de l'Information sur l'eau - Vers une harmonisation des systèmes de gestion

Par Aimé NABALOUM pour Le Pays, 11 avril 2012

Le ministère de l'Agriculture et de l'hydraulique en collaboration avec USAID WA-WASH et le consortium water web organise du 11 au 13 avril 2012 à Ouagadougou, le 13e sommet de l'Information sur l'eau.

Le sommet se donne pour objectif de rentabiliser les systèmes d'information sur l'eau à travers le thème : «…


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E learning and knowledge management survey


I would like to request to attend this survey, the purpose of this survey is to evaluate how e learning can be used to enhance knowledge management within organisation, you positive response will be appreciated.

E learning and knowledge management survey

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Le Maquis des Sciences, la Science se partage sur le net

Il y a un an, le 6 avril 2011, naissait un nouveau concept de partage de connaissance sur Ouagadougou : Le Maquis des Sciences. Ce café scientifique ouagalais a depuis fait son chemin et lance pour sa 10 édition le 18 avril 2012 sa plateforme web.  

Rendez-vous mensuel proposé par l’IRD et l’Institut français, le Maquis des Sciences attire des étudiants, professionnels de la science, journalistes ou encore amateurs qui veulent comprendre le monde…


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ILO's Academy Sustainable Enterprise Development

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the 5th edition of the

"Academy on sustainable enterprise development" will take place from 18 to 29 June 2012 at the Turin Centre, Italy.

“Sustainable enterprises are a…


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KM officers in West Africa wanted

Hello All,


IRC is looking for a KM officer in Burkina Faso. See the attached vacancy text. Please respond to as mentioned in the text.


IRC is also interested in hiring a KM officer in Mali and Niger. Modalities can range from a consultancy to a partnership between IRC and a local organisation. For these jobs please contact me at


All these KM officers…


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Knowledge management within IFAD: Training the trainers

In April 2010, IFAD and FAO launched a joint programme to provide people working on poverty reduction projects, with the skills and tools required to gather and share knowledge gleaned from their projects. Different workshops in knowledge sharing techniques, writing effectively for different audiences, and systematisation were held in 2011.

The last workshop was a "training of trainers" session, which specifically aimed to upscale the whole process. Participants of…


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' can be quite lonely at times': postcard from Henley

Putting learning at the heart of the organisation: the theme of the 12th Henley KM forum. I was there running a Sparknow timeline exhibit, here's the blog -

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using postcards to Sudan for a post event evaluation

I attended the inaugural Knowledge Management Capacity Development in Africa event held in Khartoum back in Janury.

As part of the follow up to that event the conference chair and organiser Dr Gada Kadoda decided to use a postcard as a way of capturing some of the delegates perceptions. It showed a picture of some of the delegates on the steps of Freedom Hall Khartoum and an invitation on the reverse to submit comments and reflections.

What follows is her candid account of how…


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Key questions to ask when putting together a Theory of Change for Research Uptake (Part 1 of 2)

It’s amazing how the process of answering simple questions can help you uncover so much complexity. It’s rather like a child lifting a large stone to reveal all kinds of creep crawly things that they never knew existed. Unfortunately, when developing a Theory of Change (ToC) we don’t have the choice, like children, to leave those things alone we don’t like the look of. Developing a ToC gives us the opportunity to address problems, complexity, and opportunities that exist…


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